Widespread vandalism tags Anti-Measure 49 signs

This past week in Washington County there have been nearly a dozen reports on vandalized measure 49 signs. See photos in this page. It is bad enough that the pro-measure 49 people shut out free speech by denying the measure a public hearing and denying due process in the creation of the ballot title, now they are denying our free speech by defacing our signs.

If you see a vandalized sign , please contact 503-620-0258 so it can be repaired.


    Typical liberal “Shout them down when you can’t use reason” tactic. We’ve all seen if before , we’ll all see it again. Such an unintelligent action but those are the type of people liberals embrace!

    • common sense Carl


      • CRAWDUDE

        It’s an addiction Carl!

  • devietro

    I was actually on the phone with OIA yesterday and they said they are out of signs. She listed vandalism as one of the reasons. Its pretty sad to see such things.

  • Tim Trickey

    Sadly, this is just another campaign being victimized by the widespread wave of liberal “tolerance” surrounding our political debate. The champions of “accepting differences” are out there showing their true colors once again.

    Over the last decade, I have watched as countless campaigns I worked for were the recipients of numerous acts of vandalism and theft, most notably of lawn signs. In 2000, several Oregon House candidates had their signs taken down nearly every night from the same few locations, and in some cases, even destroyed on the spot.

    In 2002, the “Mannix for Governor” signs were hot commodities in some “progressive circles”, and in the 2004 fight for M37, signs disappeared as fast as they were put up.

    While it didn’t surprise me that “BUSH-CHENEY” signs were vandalized and stolen in 2004, it did surprise me that some of the local candidates and ballot measure signs were taken down or vandalized. This would indicate a political motivation against all things viewed as “conservative”, and a willingness to try and stack the deck in your favor by eliminating discourse or disagreeing perspectives.

    But, why should this surprise us now? The entire process of drafting a deceptively favorable ballot title in Measure 49 reeked of contempt for the voters and opposing viewpoints; plus, the entire “pavement or parks’ message is dripping with deception. This are just more of the same *bully tactics* employed by those angered by dissent.

    While these signs were most likely vandalized by bored teenagers or flat-out criminals, the toleration of this sort of suppression of free-speech should trouble the average swing voter. Ask yourself, which side would lie, cheat, and steal to win this election…?

  • Chris McMullen

    Check out how this leftist defends the vandalism:


    What a jerk.

  • Anon

    Political sign games are not played by “liberals” per se, so don’t paint with such a broad brush or you will offend some folks who would vote No on 49.

    When it comes to signs, it’s nearly always union thugs. And most all the time, it’s Firefighters.

    • devietro

      What evidence do you have that Firefighters are the ones doing this? Bashing emergency service personnel on a conservative blog might be a bad idea.

  • Gienie

    Here in eugene, pro 49 sings have been placed illegally in public breeze ways and they’re all over the place! My neighbor has replaced her “no” sign twice now and finally gave up after it was vandlized for the 3rd time. Discouraging really! I would like to see if the other side has experienced the same type of behavior!

    • dean


      Once again, like with the “keying’ incident, you and other “conservative” writers take anecdotal evidence and draw sweeping, unsupported conclusions. Unless someone gathers some actual evidence on how many signs on either side are placed illegally or have been vandalized, and who the perpetraters were, then this is all just juvenile whining. Get over it and get more signs out there if you want to win your cause. ‘Running out of signs because of vandalism?” Give me a break.

      And Tom, when the anti-M49 campaign runs adds that state a flat out lie, that “M49 will allow government to take our property”, that does not trouble you?

      • Gienie


        You really show your ignorance every time you respond to my posts… or anyone else’s for that matter.

        Nothing in my last comment indicated, illuted to, or plainly stated I think or believe it is explicitly “liberals” who vandelize property.

        Maybe I should just flat out ask if you have an chip on your shoulder regarding conservative thinkers? After all of the spinning you have done regarding my posts, it appears YOU Dean, may in all actuality be the one who has a problem with diversity and tolerance!

        I currently work for the Republican Office in Lane County and have been involved with the local party for the last 3 years. I’m a delegate for the State Central Commitee, and I also was the campaign manager for two State Rep. candidates during the last election… one of which was an incredibly high targeted seat… I throw myself into politics and the dynamics of such, to the point where I blog about specific things that I SEE… not assume.. like you, but actually SEE WITH MY OWN EYES.

        I talk about MY experiences…

        Not that it matters to you anyway, but I have seen a lot on this “particular crime”…to the point where I helped facilitate in drafting a letter to the editor for both the Former Lane County Democratic Chair as well as the Former Lane County Republican Chair to sign asking people in the community to respect freedom of speech during the last election cycle.

        What is the basis for your claim that I think this is totally one sided?

        I don’t see it Dean…however, your strawmen claims this month have been quite festive.. I must admit!

        Destruction to property shouldn’t be happening at all!!!!!!

        Isn’t that what this measure is all about in the first place!

        The only joke here Dean, is that supporters of 49 care enough about a yes vote…they lower themselves and their “cause” by destroying someone else’s property.. thinking their efforts may in all actuality protect what they feel are their rights! FALSE!

        Who cares if they’re liberal or not! What they did is plain stupid, and encourages me as a voter to look more at the other side. Its hypocracy frankly… why would I vote for that?

        Obviously vandelism is occuring… the sign says.. VOTE YES in black tag across a “No on 49” preprinted message. I believe it is safe to say whoever tagged those signs is a registered voter… and feels they and THEIR property are being negatively affected by the measure itself.

        “I’m gonna out and damage someone else’s property, because if this measure passes… oregon property will be damaged from here on after blah blah blah” Yeah Dean.. that makes a lot of sense.. an eye for an eye right??

        As I have stated before, I am someone who tends to vote at the very last minute because every bit of information I get is important to me… Seeing signs placed illegally, and vandelism thrown to the other side of the issue puts me to pause. It doesn’t matter what the issue is or who did it. Its WRONG regardless!

        Whoever wrote that message, or placed signs illegally… had no respect for the process, rules, or regulations which are in effect. Because it has been happening all over, repeatidly through out the state, I’m inclined to believe there is malicious intent behind it, and honestly, those who participate in something so vendictive shouldn’t be allowed to vote in the first place. Their judgement is clearly impared…

        People who think vandelizing property will effectively change minds.. are sorely mistaken. In reference to this post regarding the ballot measure…If I were a worker for the vote Yes on 49 campaign, I would be embarrassed…regardless of who committed the crime.

        If you would like solid proof that signs are being placed in illegal locations, all you have to do is look around. Any sign that you see in a public access.. as in… the median between the sidewalk and the curb, or shrubbery next freeway ramps, or highway entrances…is illegally placed. I would encourage you to take the next step and report it… in fact….I dare you!

        With that.. let me point out that BOTH sides need to be respectful of where they place their signs. I can only speak for the GOP Party here in Eugene, but when we distribute signs, we also distribute a list of where it is ok to put them, as well as where it is not ok.

        Not only do we educated our volunteers on election law issues, but we also go and remove signs that have been illegally placed… we do this whether or not it has been reported. As a volunteer for the party… and anyone who volunteers on that matter, should be on the look out for it, and then take action when it happens.

        Unfortunately, I have in the past taken down many signs Republican’s themselves have put up illegally. If it’s in a person’s yard, all it takes is a simple phone call or a knock on the door. Most instances, the act was not intentially done. In fact most citizens don’t know the rules, and are ignorant upon sign placement. That’s true for ALL party affiliations..

        It’s when I see nothing being done about it at all, even in instances where it has been reported… I get suspicious.

        By the way, I saw two illegal signs last Monday for vote yes on measure 49. I called the campaign while I was sitting at the light on that corner and let them know about it and the location… and guess what Dean…they were still there this morning when I drove by again!

        Last year, I called the Chris Edwards campaign almost daily regarding illegal sign placement. Not one of those signs were ever taken down! Not a single one! They eventually stopped returning my calls. What does that say about character??? It doesn’t matter if he’s a “liberal” or not… it’s about respecting the political process and the rights of others…

        and as for your assumptions Dean, they are what could be compared to Cinderella’s attire…. nothing but tattered rags!

        • dean


          Read what you just wrote above, and tell me agian that you are not claiming that M49 supporters are “guilty” of vandalizing signs, yet you make no mention of M49 opponents.

          “The only joke here Dean, is that supporters of 49 care enough about a yes vote…they lower themselves and their “cause” by destroying someone else’s property.. thinking their efforts may in all actuality protect what they feel are their rights! FALSE!”

          And again, I’ll say you make this claim with NO EVIDENCE beyond your personal anecdotes that one side is vandalizing signs and the other is not.

          Play fair.

          • have respect for others’ property

            Dean you sound like the typical liberal who just doesn’t get it. Libs have no respect whatsoever for other people’s property. This is why they oppose Measure 37 and this is why they deface political signs to deprive others of free speech and–yes–key cars as part of their antisocial behavior. Dean it’s time to look at the big picture and try to be more moderate. Marxism is out of date, dude.

  • Jack

    The Democratic Socialist Party of Oregon, at it
    again defacing signs of there political enemies.

  • Trevor Stewart

    This post is ridiculous. I have seen and heard of Yes on Measure 49 signs being ripped out by anti-Measure 49 actors… not just spray painted over but stolen (so much for property rights). To pin sign vandalism or theft on one side of the other is a pathetic one-sided smear job.

    Trevor Stewart

    • free speech dept.

      So what’s up with this “Love Oregon” campaign for Measure 49. Does the love Oregon crowd win by not giving others the rights of free speech by vandalizing opposing political signs? The left is known for this kind of thing. They destroy property to “save the planet.” They hiss when others try to speak their opposition in forums. Not too mature but expected of the left. It’s always their way or the highway.