So It’s the Democrats, Huh Ted?

Kevin Mannix Press Release: Kulongoski tells The Oregonian Washington State’s success is due to Democrats. Well, what about 20 years of Democrat governors in Oregon?

In a front page story in The Oregonian Governor Ted Kulongoski is asked about Washington State’s seeming success. He gives credit to the Democrats. But why then is Oregon still suffering after 20 years of Democrat governors?

That’s the question Republican gubernatorial candidate Kevin Mannix is asking.
Mannix notes that after more than three years in office, Oregon still faces the same problems Kulongoski campaigned on:

· Businesses are still moving out of state.

· We have the second largest class size in the country.

· We still have a broken health care system with 70-thousand people released from the Oregon Health Plan.

And, continued management problems in the Executive Department: the 172-million dollar shortfall in DHS being the latest example.

Mannix says, “What Oregon needs is a governor who will roll up his sleeves, work with both parties and find creative solutions to Oregon’s problems. The problems we face are not partisan issues.

“The problems we face are not about the party of the governor but about the person who serves in the office. Ted Kulongoski has been too willing to play politics. I’ll offer our state creative, workable ideas,” Mannix said.

Mannix pointed to his Teacher Corps proposal as an example of the kind of ideas he’ll offer to deal with Oregon’s challenges.