BLM Extension

This article was written by Suzanne Penegor.

I have been reading with interest the recent editorials and front page stories regarding the new BLM proposals of how to best use our local timberlands to provide some economic relief to local county budgets and Oregon communities. The BLM’s Alternative 2 is the best choice in terms of restoring lost tax revenues as a result of increased set asides for non-use under the NW Forest Plan. The NW Forest Plan was a Clinton joke that never was implemented as promised. Even with the increased set asides under the NW Forest Plan, spotted owl populations declined due to predators such as the barred owl.

Preface: This opinion piece is in reference to several articles which were printed in Eugene’s local paper, The Register Guard.

Alternative 2 also reflects Oregonians’ desire to improve forest health by allowing salvage logging and replanting after fires. It addresses watershed concerns and balances those concerns with the economic benefits of restoring $108 million in revenues.

Unless we want to continue to watch our state become a tinderbox for wildfires due to nonmanagement of our public forests while we see American jobs exported that could be kept here in the natural resource industries like logging, we need to choose the best BLM plan–and that is alternative 2.

  • Steve Plunk

    Well said. It’s unfortunate that common sense is often discounted in processes such as this. The political pandering to the environmental movement will flaw the outcome and then the “no compromise” crowd will tie up the plan and every sale in court.

    I find it hard to accept the environmentalists as full members of society because of their failure to compromise with others. That ability to compromise is what makes any society work. Most of us do it every day but they consider themselves above that responsibility. Maybe it’s the near (or actual) religious fervor in which they hold their beliefs, maybe they haven’t quite yet grown up like the rest of us, or maybe they realize by not compromising they have won nearly all the battles they have fought. I can’t help but hold them in contempt every time I hear or see one.

    The people of Oregon have been cheated out of forest revenue by these folks and the government both. Let’s hope a measure of fairness returns.

    • DMF

      Wow, do I agree with you on that. They aren’t environmentalists they don’t care about the environment as much as they say. If they keep saving the trees the way they claim, there will be no trees. All you have to do is look around to see the destruction caused by these actions. None of us want to destroy the forest, least of all the loggers. That was their job, nobody protected them Anybody with any sense doesn’t destroy their paycheck. It’s time to use common sense. Look around, see the hateful attitude most environmentalists have toward others.

    • taxpayers for multiple use

      As a taxpayer, I would like to see multiple use of these lands again to restore some economic dignity to Oregon communities, especially in rural areas. Also county budgets need the timber dollars that have been lost. Alternative 2 is the best plan.

  • Steven

    I said it before and I will say it again, bring it on envirofacists. We shipped in the Barred owl and burned the old growth. You can’t win without getting your piece of the pie pissed on. When you win you loose. When the revenues are no longer back filled we will log again and you won’t be able to stop it.

    • taxpayer for timber dollars

      Steve is right. Oregon is timber country and we have the greatest renewable resource in the US if we are allowed to manage it for today and tomorrow’s economic benefit. It’s time for the hikers and hippies to quit being selfish and recognize that we need to restore our economic tax base.

      • liberal media wants public land lock ups

        Saw the recent article in the Grants Pass Courier re the Oregon Taxpayers Assoc. putting an ad recently in that paper about a commissioner in that area who was opposed to the new BLM plans to increase logging for economic benefits to Oregon. Great job OTA!!!