Curry County Reporter latest to oppose Measure 49

Here is what the Curry County Reporter had to say…

Measure 49 has more “trap doors” than an amusement park fun house…The Curry County Reporter recommends that its readers vote “no” on Measure 49 in Oregon’s Special Election… In short, while it may be a Lawyer’s Dream, don’t vote for it…Proponents of the measure either tout 49 as a compromise to Measure 37 or a clarification of it. It’s neither. It doesn’t replace Measure 37; it just adds more law on top of it. And it’s a lot of law. Read it. We dare you. You will have a migraine by the time you’re finished. Whereas Measure 37 contained 900 words, Measure 49 contains 37,000 words and is 21 pages long!

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