Moonshadow Mobile makes redistricting scenario tool available

Oregon-based Moonshadow Mobile has made their interactive mapping tool available for anyone interested in looking at the different redistricting scenarios.

To interactively view the Oregon state House and Senate district plans, click here.

To interactively view the U.S. Congressional district plans, click here.

A few tips to get you started:

Look at the panel on the right and click the State House triangle/arrow under Scenarios.

Under Scenarios, Map 1 is the Democrat map and Map 2 is the Republican map for the state districts and the congressional districts.


To see the district boundaries for the plans you’ve selected (Current, Democrat or Republican), click on the little eye icon next to Current, Map 1 (Democrat) or Map 2 (Republican).


To look at a particular district under the plan you’re got selected (Current, Democrat or Republican), click on the little icon next to the district number you want to look at.


To change the plan you’ve got selected to see what happens to the district under a different plan, just click on the little eye icon next to Current, Map 1 (Democrat) or Map 2 (Republican).


These maps will show the districts under the different plans, and will also show a variety of Census data, depending on the options selected under Filters & Data Sources.

Voter registration data & scenario creation

Voter registration data is not available in this free offering from Moonshadow Mobile, but Moonshadow Mobile is providing voter registration data to a variety of local governments, caucuses and legislators. The slightly limited version intended for individual legislators is being sold for less than $1,000. The free offering also does not allow for creating scenarios; it only allows for the viewing of scenarios already created by the legislature.