Sen. Vicki Walker: Joint Meeting on Education

News release from Sen. Vicki Walker 11-2-2007:

Sex Abuse Prevention, School Safety, and Educational Standards to be Discussed

SALEM “” The Senate Education and General Government Committee and the House Education Committee will hold a joint meeting next Monday in the Capitol. The full day meeting has an agenda packed with updates on recently passed legislation, much of it timely in light of recent reports about sex abuse in schools.

“Many people have expressed concerns to me in light of what they’ve been reading in the papers about misconduct in our schools,” said Senator Vicki Walker, chair of the Senate Committee on Education and General Government. “This is an issue that I care deeply about, and it will receive a full discussion on Monday.”

The Senate and House Committees will hear from the executive director of the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission regarding the implementation of Senate Bill 379. The bill, sponsored by Senate Walker, requires school districts to develop child abuse prevention training programs. It took effect on June 20th of this year.

“We have a very full agenda on Monday. The Legislature passed a great deal of important legislation on education during the 2007 session, and we will be checking in on the progress that has been made in implementing that legislation,” said Senator Walker.

Other agenda items include an update on the Shared Responsibility Model; a review of new high school graduation requirements; an update on the School Improvement Fund; and a discussion about the timeline and implementation of Senate Bill 479, which requires schools to replace potentially dangerous metal halide and mercury vapor light bulbs with safer alternatives.

In a separate, break-out session, the Senate Committee on Education and General Government will meet to discuss proposed legislation to prevent fraud of Oregon’s Business Name Renewal Registration Fee.

The joint meeting will begin at 9:00am, November 5, in Hearing Room F of the Capitol. The separate Senate committee meeting will begin at 4:30, November 5, in Hearing Room E.


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  • Steven

    Gee, do you suppose that the idiots will talk about how Portland misapropriated the money they got for (class size) etc. What it was wasted on and how to capitalize on the kicker check or measure 50 proceeds? Maybe a plan to raise taxes to help illegal aliens. I could go on and on as the shoe fits. Right?

    • Your Average Dittohead

      I like the way you think Steven,

      I to am for the least cost method of education. We should have the cheapest possible schools. It is better to have a generation of ignorant citizens than to spend one dollar wastefully.

      This makes sense to me because I am poorly educated and didn’t go to college. I am resentful of anyone who makes more than $30,000 per year. This includes most public employees and, of course, teachers.

      My other distinguishing characteristics:

      I complain about unions, but belong to one, and fully utilize it whenever my workplace misconduct gets me in trouble.

      I believe America is a Christian nation but don’t go to church and whenever my wife is out of the house download pornography.

      Regardless of the consequences, I vote for any ballot measure that sounds like it might put another dollar in my pocket or make life more difficult for people who aren’t me.

      I don’t like to think about things too much, but I love to argue. I listen to right wing radio, because they tell me what to say when someone confuses me with an idea that I’m not open to hearing.

      I’m pretty much a looser, and it is everyone else’s fault.

      • Ted Kennedy’s Liver

        “It is better to have a generation of ignorant citizens than to spend one dollar wastefully”

        Exactly what do you think we’ve been getting for the last twenty five years under liberal control of our schools? We’ve raised a generation of ignorant idiots, 25% of whom can’t point out the US on a world map, but who know green glass is difficult to recycle.

        • YAD

          Uh, I’m not sure that is really the most orthodox explanation. You may need to review your talking points. Perhaps a multiple choice approach would help.

          So, TKL, please select the letter of the MOST appropriate talk radio derived explanation for why public schools are so much worse today than they were in the good ol’ days which ended exactly (for this exercise) in 1982:

          a) Illegal aliens are bleeding the public coffers white.

          b) Liberal democrats are bleeding taxpayers white.

          c) God has been removed from the public square.

          d) Government has no legitimate role in (fill in the blank).

          e) Unpatriotic teachers are with the terrorists.

          Hint: Any (or all) of the above.

          • Ted Kennedy’s Liver

            Being an instructor at PCC and having been a corporate training manager I have a perspective that most don’t. I not only have to educate the results of our public school system within the confines of the Community College education system, I have dealt with the results of that public school system as an employer.

            Your reply, as is typical with liberals, does not address the issue, which is that liberal education methods have given us a generation of ignorant fools devoid of the basic knowledge required to get by in the world.

            When 25% of high school students can’t find the US on a world map, something is deeply wrong with our education system. Liberals, you have no reason to be happy about this because 75% can’t find Europe on a map either.

            Reading, writing and arithmetic have been sidelined for touchy-feely social values based crap. There is a finite amount of time in a school day and every hour spent drawing pictures of recycling bins or penguins on an ice flow is an hour not spent on useful knowledge. Johnny can’t do fractions, but he can recite Al gore’s talking points on global warming. Students may not squat about the American Revolution, The Constitution or our founding fathers, but they’re going to spend hours learning about some historically insignificant “person of color” in the name of diversity.

            Where once we taught to the top third of the lower half of the class, teachers now train to the level of the dumbest student in the class in the name of “inclusivity” so no one’s feelings get hurt. We have traded the education of twenty promising students for a couple of idiots who will amount to nothing.

            The education establishment took a system that worked fine for a couple of hundred years, producing the people who made us the greatest (freest and wealthiest) nation in history with a public school system that was the envy of the world and managed to screw it up completely in less than 30 years.

            The advice my father gave me as I went off to college still rings in my ears. “Remember, education majors are the dumbest girls on campus.”

          • Anonymous

            Wow. That actually makes sense. But so as to not disappoint I will observe that your opinion and anecdotal observations are witty, but hardly authoritative. Moonlighting at PCC after your day job showing Myers-Briggs slides doesn’t qualify you as the Education Oracle. (by the way, I’m an INFP.)

            Actually, I’m feeling a little guilty. I’ve been condescending and mean. You are clearly an intelligent person and I wouldn’t take the liberty to insult you were it not for the anonymity of the web. I’m sure I would like you in person. I’ve overly indulged in the fun of swinging on your chain. It has been way more fun than talking to people who agree with everything I say.

            Look, we agree on the overall outline of the products of our ed system. It is in naming their precise causes where we seem to sail off to oblivion via opposite courses. Maybe we should just try to solve a problem or two without first identifying who was most to blame during the genesis phase.

            If you didn’t simply claim (out loud) that everything that was bad was due to “liberals”, you might find you would have many partners willing to help solve some of those very real problems that you have to wade through every day. Like it or not, the world has many liberals and you’re going to have to include them in any redesign of the cosmos.

            Want to know a little secret? Even though I’m one of them, sanctimonious, bike-riding, near-sighted, guilt-ridden, judgmental, never-shut-up, have-to-get-the-last-word liberals drive me crazy too.

            Good luck with your PPS refugees.


            PS Don’t forget, No Child Left Behind was thanks to GWB AND Ted Kennedy!

  • Hey DickHead

    Hey DickHead, you have a wife? You sound more like one of those fruitcakes to me! You don’t have any education, you vote for ballot measures that you don’t understand, and you call yourself a looser. Looser than what? Why not uptight? Oh, you meant LOSER!!!! Hahaha. You are really funny!!!

    Your satire or sarcasm SUCKS, as, no doubt, do you. Go back to Portland State, you liberal idiot freshman. You and your ilk deserve Bernie, Potter, Adams, and the rest of the fringe left wing nuts.

    • Your Average Dickhead

      First of all, thank you for actually reading my post. I appreciate your careful proofread (how thrilled you must have been to discover a typo!). You did tactfully omit mentioning the other error “to” instead of “too”. On the whole though, I must say, yours was a pretty unimpressive rebuttal–just name calling and adolescent style rants.

      I see when Rush isn’t speaking the words for you it’s just too hard to come up with anything other than homophobic innuendo (not greatly enhanced by overly generous punctuation).

      So you think I’m gay because I can string a couple sentences together without resorting to someone else’s talking points? Interesting. Looks to me, like anything you can’t achieve gets labeled “GAY”. Let’s think about what that might mean . . .

    • Anonymous

      Your pseudonym is appropriate.

  • Bo

    This press release is one of many I have seen from Walker over the years, which makes her the only candidate for SOS who will not have suddenly “look busy” as the primary nears. She just needs to continue doing what she has been doing.

  • Taxpayers internal thoughts

    Ummm I smell money…Ahhh fresh clean taxpayer money..I hear the clamoring and rustling of the cockroaches that call themselves leaders and politicians. They are assuming the mooching/stealing positions as we speak. Look out, the sky is falling!!!, schools will close. The elderly will starve, the fire department will run out of water. The city will come to a complete halt.

    Oh yes that’s the stuff, does anybody have a cigarette?

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