Senator Floyd Prozanski with Best Campaign quote

Today ballots are due. It therefore is due to hand out our award for the best quote.

“If you like the free market,
then vote NO on Measure 49.”

State Senator
Fred Prozanski

The quote was spoken on October 2nd at the University of Oregon Law School in a debate over Measure 49. Thanks to State Senator Floyd Prozanski we no longer have to guess that some politicians do not believe in the free enterprise system, we can now take them at their word.

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    Good Quote! If you enjoy personal freedom over government dominance, vote NO.

  • Gienie

    Sen. Prozanski took the worlds smallest political quiz at the Republican Booth at the Lane County Fair last year. He landed in the statest area of the quiz and I called him a marxist and told him he should start his own party… in a nice way of course. He was a good sport about it, but it almost gave Former Republican Chairman Bob Avery a heart attack when he heard I did that.

    I didn’t see him take the quiz this year though…. hmmmm??

    Still makes me laugh!

  • Peter Bray

    Measure 49 passed. Why not move to Texas?


      Wow, that didn’t take long for them to count.

  • Neal


    The way the balot tille was written voters thought they were re- approving M37. Thus the same outcome of 61% approval as was M37.
    No surprise your lying cabal won this round. You stooped so much lower and more unethical than your previous MO.
    You and yours are despicable as you thrust upon our communities your shameless plans for more Beaverton Rounds, more high density infill and more rail transit. All of which will continue altering Oregon as you keep telling people you are preserving it.

  • Jared

    So, you’re calling the voters too stupid to figure out the measure? Do you think voters perfectly understood Measure 37?

    Either voters are too stupid to figure out what measure will do or they’re not. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Tom


  • Gienie

    voters aren’t stupid, and I don’t believe anyone said that… they are however uneducated. That doesn’t mean the lack the ability to learn.. as stupid would suggest, it just means, they either don’t care, or they believe everything they read and never question authority.

    ALWAYS question authority!

    • Darrin Black

      You are right about voters….they are not stupid just uneducated. In this case they were “educated” with the most misleading ballot measure title in Oregon history. Voters passed M49 because they believed the Statements made in the Voter Pamplet. The truth will come soon and then the 1000 Friends Yes on 49 groups will held accountable. Voters will be “reeducated” when they read about how M49 was born and the backdoor politics by special interest groups who cleverly designed this measure and ballot title. The yes on 49 and Peter Bray made many statements that were not true in support of their cause. I called their headquarters and asked very specific questions and received false statements that I verified with the LCD in Salem. M49 is so complex with “legalese” even experts in the LCDare not sure of all the effects of 24 pages of difficult to interpret language. The Ballot title statment that 49 clarifies land owner rights is far from the truth. The legal profession is licking its chops at the thought of all the litigation that will clog our already crowded legal system. The litigation from M37 is just a drop in the bucket compare to what is on the horizon.

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