Sen. Jeff Kruse: Oregon’s Obamacare on steriods

Sen. Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg) was interviewed a week ago Friday on The Bill Post Radio Show and talked about the new Oregon Health Authority (OHA), created by HB 2009 in the 2009 Legislative session. Sen. Kruse describes HB 2009 as “Obamacare on steroids”.

click here to listen to his interview

When the 536-page Oregon healthcare “reform” bill (HB 2009) was passed by the Democratic super-majority in 2009, Sen. Kruse said that the bill signaled the “beginning of the end”, by steering the state toward “a totally government controlled health care system.”

The bill created the Oregon Health Authority, called for the development of a health insurance exchange, created a board to form and implement healthcare policy for the state, and called for the creation of a public option – something the Democrats weren’t able to accomplish in Washington D.C. with Obamacare.

HB 2009 gave the Oregon Health Authority a great deal of power. Sen. Kruse reported recently that they had just received an opinion from their legislative council on what OHA could do without any new legislation.  The answer was, pretty much anything they wanted.