Random Politics: Going Postal, Hon. John Meek and Wild Tax Quote

Going Postal : Even though postal rates went up last month, my local post office will not have the updated postcard stamps available until March. Sounds wildely unprofessional to me. Lift some of the congressional regulations and the anti-competition protections on the U.S. Postal Service, and we might just see smaller lines and better productivity.

Hon. John Meek: Many people may remember the former State Representative John Meek (who is a descendent of the famous Oregon pioneer Joe Meek). John rode the entire Oregon trail on horseback to celebrate the historic pilgrimage, and used to give costumed lectures on Oregon history. I called John the other day, and found out that due to an ailment he no longer can give his famous presentations and is limited on his activities. At 55, John is enjoying his early retirement fishing. Oregon’s hearts and prayers are with you.

Wild Tax Quote: In case you non-Portlanders missed it, Mayor Potter’s Chief of Staff made this outrageous statement on the Mayor’s recent $300 million income tax proposal “We owe this to our kids, and shame on all of you who aren’t with us”¦ There is no other choice, and it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not.” Now that the Mayor has backed out of his audacious tax within days of proposing it, is the shame on him?