Dave Hunnicutt gives thanks and final words on M49 campaign

Friends and Allies:

Thank you to all of you who worked so hard to defeat Measure 49. Although we were not successful, it was not for lack of effort. The support and effort from so many of you is truly appreciated, and is the key to future success.

We now enter a new phase – trying to figure out what Measure 49 means. Over the next few weeks, I will be traveling across the state, meeting with Measure 37 claimants to talk about Measure 49, how it affects Measure 37 claimants, and what you can do to continue with your claim or make a claim under Measure 49.

It’s time to regroup, get whatever relief we can from Measure 49, make sure that all of the property rights protections promised by the Yes on 49 campaign to Measure 37 claimants and to property owners subject to future regulations are delivered, and demand that the legislature provide the funding for the Big Look Task Force to make the changes that need to be made to our broken land use system. Here’s a link to an editorial from this morning’s Salem Statesman Journal talking about the Big Look Task Force and Measure 49:

Don’t get down – remember, ten years ago the same groups that just spent $5,000,000 to pass Measure 49 would have spent $5,000,000 to defeat it. But because of our combined efforts and the success of Measure 56 (landowner notification), Measure 7, Measure 37, and Measure 39 (eminent domain reform), the battle is now being fought on our terms, and we have universal recognition that property owners should be compensated when their property is taken, and that our land use system needs immediate repair and major adjustment. We lost a battle last night, but we are winning the war.

Thanks again everyone. I’ll see you soon.

Dave Hunnicutt
Oregonians In Action