Rep. Linda Flores and Kim Thatcher on Special Session Immigration Reform

Press Release by Rep. Linda Flores and Kim Thatcher 7-13-07:

Immigration Call-To-Action in 2008 Emergency Session

(Salem) During a joint news conference at the State Capitol this morning, State Representative Linda Flores (R-Clackamas) and Representatives Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer, Newberg, St. Paul) delivered a

Call-To-Action on immigration reform. “We’re asking Oregonians to pressure the Legislature and the Governor to take action on these important issues,” said Flores. Oregonians for Immigration Reform hosted the event which also included chief petitioners for a new ballot measure.

Deadlines are fast approaching this month to draft bills for the February 2008 Emergency Legislative Session. However, the key legislative committees on transportation, elections and judiciary show little interest in addressing critical areas such as drivers’ licenses, voter registration and law enforcement investigations. “We hope the legislature does the right thing; if not, I’m sure we’ll be right back here a year from now talking about the ballot measure,” explained Thatcher referring to Initiative #112 which was recently approved for signature collection.

Flores and Thatcher proposed more than a dozen bills during the 2007 Legislative Session related to immigration. Drivers’ license security gained the most attention; however, Flores pointed out Oregon needs “full compliance with the federal law to ensure we have the strongest possible safeguards against identity theft and to make sure only people with the proper legal status are getting drivers’ licenses.”

“We have another critical election year around the corner and our democracy should not be compromised even by the chance that non-citizens are being allowed to vote,” noted Flores. The pair wants elections officials to verify citizenship before allowing first time voters to register.

Representative Thatcher displayed a map of Oregon with over a thousand offenders marked in the counties where they were convicted. She said, “every prison bed occupied by an illegal immigrant offender is one less space available to incarcerate an offender here legally.” The map portrayed inmates in the state prison system. There are hundreds more in county jails.

Law enforcement agencies across Oregon have been frustrated by laws which hamper their ability to identify and investigate illegal immigrants. “So many other cases are out there where Oregonians have been victimized by someone who should have been deported the first time around, or the cops might have been able to tag them on a traffic stop and so on,” added Thatcher. She and Flores want current statutes modified to give police more flexibility in working with federal agencies in cracking down on criminal enterprises.

In 2007 Flores and Thatcher sponsored House Bill 2680 dealing with voter registration, House Bill 2686 addressed drivers’ licenses and House Bill 2682 related to police powers. There are many other areas of immigration reform, but Flores and Thatcher are focusing on these three for the 2008 Session. They hope the public will contact their legislators and urge them to support stronger laws for drivers’ licenses, voter registration and police agencies. A recent national poll showed 77% of American voters wanted more protections for drivers’ licenses and 73% wanted better tools for law enforcement.


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  • Jerry

    I support these efforts 100%, as should all Oregonians.
    Thank you Flores and Thatcher!
    Keep up the good work.

    I hope Oregon loses federal funds for its non-compliance regarding drivers’ licenses. And soon.

    Money talks – that is one thing even wacked out lib Dems can understand.


    I think it is a great idea to have EVERY driver licensed, whether a citizen or not, I wonder how many thousands are driving without insurance, skill or other inabilities without being licensed/tested. It will be safer on the highways.

  • Jerry

    Steve – you are really out to lunch. Illegal aliens should not be here nor should they drive.

  • Rick Hickey

    Steve – Insurance is only required on the day you get your license, then it can be cancelled and no one knows it.
    Illegals want to send money to their home country not on Insurance, Car or Medical.

    Get your Tax credit before 2007 is gone, $100/Couple or $50/Single to OFIR-PAC

    Join Oregonians For Immigration Reform,

  • RinoWatch

    The same lawmakers (D’s) who wouldn’t even allow Thatcher’s bills hearings will do what ever is necessary to torpedo the initiative.


    Insurance should be proven for an extended amount of time not 1 day, especially if you are getting it out of lock up. The DMV gets the insurance policy # from each peson who goes through DEQ, do they not check to make sure there current afterwards? If their insurance is not current fine them, revoke their license, the state has all the info. on their registration card.

    As for illegals, round them up and ship them home, the illegal problem is easy to solve.

  • Gienie

    They check.. its just randomely. I got a letter in the mail about 6 months ago asking to provide my insurance policy number from the DMV. I got my license back in 03 and here it is 4 years later, and thats the first and only time I’ve been asked to provide information aside from when I first got my license.


      My bad Gienie, in the areas that have DEQ we are required to write down our insurance policy # and company. I’m sure since it is the Portland metro area that they don’t actually take the time to verify with the insurance companies, that would make too much sense.

      I forgot that not every area in Oregon is subject to that useless program. Consider yourself lucky:)

      • Gienie

        You know.. I would bet the state doesn’t take the time to varify information. I would test this theory myself if I knew the consequences wouldn’t hinder my keeping my license.

        I know some County deputy’s who have told me that many of their traffic violation reports are about citizens who are driving uninsured while suspended. A lot of our tax dollars are spent pushing paperwork for that reason alone.

        I also know a family who got pulled over and was informed at that time (only) that his license had been suspended because of failure to pay a ticket.

        The DMV never contacted him about his failure to pay, nor did the company issuing the ticket. That was the first time he got any word of it, and the ticket was a supposed parking violation. It was never signed for or issued to him directly, it was something that was supposedly left on his car, and he was never notified about it from there.

        It costs money to be efficient I guess.

        I’m not a native Oregonian, I don’t know what the policy’s are as far as notification of suspended license, or checking insurances and such… but I had a really hard time understanding how the ball was dropped with the issue of my friend driving while suspended.

  • Jerry

    If anyone is driving around without insurance their car should be impounded immmediately and not released to them until they have proof of at least a 6 month policy.
    Idiots and dolts running the state – I rest my case.
    Fools all!


      That is supposed to be the policy in Portland but many officers don’t want to go through the hassle of impounding them.

      If they do the person goes to a fly by night insurance company, gets insurance for 1 month and a copy of the SR22 (if I recall correctly) , gets it out of lock up and then cancels the insurance policy until next time.

      I believe on the 2nd offense they should lose their license for a year or so to rehabilitate them from driving without insurance.

  • Henry

    The DMV does not check insurance policy numbers.

    One of the biggest absurdities often repreateds by those in foavor of illegals getting drivers license is that it will somehow assure they have insurance.

    I just don’t get how people can be so dumb as to assume the state checks the insurance information given to them.

    It’s as stupid as saying the licenses will bring illegals out of the shadows.

    Who else is sick of that line?

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