Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Receives Record Sum Nov. 5

Oregonians for Ron Paul must be quite tickled. On Nov. 5, their presidential aspirant, 10-term Texas Congressman Ron Paul, received more than $4 million over the internet, plus $200,000 by phone. The total, north of $4.3 million, was a record amount this year among Republicans, according to a Nov. 10 New York Times article, “The Web Takes Ron Paul for a Ride.” Interestingly, Oregonians rank high against other states in per capita contributors to the campaign

In a Nov. 7 email, Oregonian and Paul supporter Scott Sutton wrote, Nov. 5 was “an unprecedented fundraising event that was conceived and coordinated by volunteers unaffiliated with the campaign.” Further, throughout the country, more than “37,000 individuals contributed, with an average donation of $103.” Sutton took the Times statement another step, reporting, this “figure set the all-time, single-day record for contributions made to a Republican candidate prior to a national convention.”

Volunteers unaffiliated with the campaign are not resting on their laurels. This time the online fundraising effort is focused on December 16. On that day in 1773, American colonists tossed tea into the Boston Harbor to protest an oppressive tax. The website states the people behind Tea Party 07 hope to foster “the largest one-day political donation event in history. Our goal is to bring together 100,000 people to donate $100 each, creating a one day donation total of $10,000,000.” As of this writing, the effort is heading toward 15 percent of its goal.

The volunteers’ work is paying political dividends. A recent New York Times and CBS News poll prompted the campaign to distribute a media release with the headline, “Ron Paul Surges Ahead of Thompson; Tied With McCain.”

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  • devietro

    This is bad news for conservatives for two reasons.

    1. Every dollar that goes to Paul is a conservative dollar that does not go to a top tier candidate with a chance at winning, you mine as well donate to Hillary.

    2. The more money the “Anti-war Republican” raises the more fuel it gives the leftists to defeat our troops at home.

    This hurts us big time, give the money to a winnable candidate to don’t do it at all.

    • S Sutton

      My friend, I’m afraid you have things a little backwards at this point. Ron Paul has all the momentum – surging support, a wildly enthusiastic following, tens-of-thousands of eager grassroots volunteers, a rapidly growing campaign warchest, a pervasive presence on the Internet, and an exemplary track record as a true champion of traditional conservative principles.

      From what I’ve seen, none of the other GOP candidates can boast any of those things.

      As such, Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate with any hope of beating Clinton in the general election, and $$ contributions to other GOP candidates only detract from our best shot at preventing the election of President Hillary (shudder).

      • devietro

        How long have you worked for the Paul campaign?

        • S. Sutton

          >>> “How long have you worked for the Paul campaign?”

          That’s funny. Good one. 🙂

          For the record, I’m a volunteer who has no direct contact with the campaign. Zero. (Until just recently, the Paul campaign had a total of 10 paid staffers. I believe the current number is 44.)

          For 10 years or so, I’ve followed Dr. Paul’s career in Congress, and his honest and principled conduct earned my enduring admiration. But don’t take my word for it – I’d encourage anyone unfamiliar with Ron Paul to look into his track record for themselves. For an extensive collection of his Congressional addresses and articles organized by issue, go here:

          As we all know, the campaign promises of most politicians amount to little more than empty rhetoric. What matters most is what they’ve actually done.

          Ron Paul’s supporters are self organizing, primarily through As you can see from the following link, they’ve formed more than 1100 Meetup groups with more than 70,000 members:

          (Obama has the second most, with just 5500 members.) This level of grassroots activism in support of a presidential candidate is truly unprecedented, and the healthiest development for Constitutional democracy I’ve seen in my lifetime.

          BTW, the Portland group has over 300 members. For more information, see:

    • wavyhill

      I recently switched my registration to (R) after reading the GOP declaration of principals and realizing to my shock that almost every point was Ron Pauls position. Few of the so-called first-tier candidates of either party have shown any commitment to these positions.

      As to wasting votes and money: The only way you can waste your vote is to vote for someone you dont believe in.

      Have you been to any of the GOP functions lately? They are ghost towns until the Ron Paul supporters show up. Elections are won by those who show up. Get on board or fall behind walking.


    • Alyssa

      Ron Paul is considerably a top tier candidate. He has a considerable amount of support among a such a broad base that only his campaign can boast.


      “Ron Paul Better in the General Election than Giuliani and Thompson Among 30 Year Olds; Leads Hillary Clinton 47% to 44% Among 40 Year Olds”

      Have you seen the straw poll results where people have to actually show up and be registered Republican for most if not all of them?

      Ron Paul’s greatest contributors to his campaign are retirees.

      It makes sense. He is an old school Republican, a classic conservative; none of this neoconservatism that’s for bigger governments, uncontrollable spending, and massive deficits. Ron Paul’s conservative voting record proves that he practices what he preaches.

      Ron Paul is also popular among the young. He has the most university/college student chapter groups across the country. There are more Ron Paul college student chapter groups than any other candidate, republican or democrat. I’m the president of one for my university.

      He has grassroots support like no other.
      His campaign is self sufficient (those RP supporters are sure self reliant); they basically run the campaign, plus he raised a record amount online. Remember the 5th of November? There’s more of those planned by his grassroots supporters.

      Ron Paul is leading GOP candidate in receiving donations from the military:

      Remember the big news that Ron Paul’s military donations of $19,300 were last quarter? This quarter they’re about twice that:

      Can anyone else match it?

      Among the top 3 contributors to his campaign, are the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. The military supports Ron Paul because Ron Paul supports them.

    • Kyle Sanders

      Ron Paul is the only candidate (R or D) who can beat Hillary Clinton.

      Put them side by side in a debate and let the American people decide for themselves.

      In the meantime, educate yourself on Ron Paul’s platform (the Constitution) and you might find that most of what Hillary and the rest of the candidates are touting is unconstitutional and detrimental to our country.

    • The Founding Fathers

      We, The Founding Fathers, give our endorsement to Ron Paul!

    • Kevin Starrett

      Well, I guess we can support a “Republican who can win.” And get a big government, anti-gun,pro-abort supporter of the militant homosexual agenda and promoter of illegal immigration..

      If we don’t we’d get Hillary,and get a big government, anti-gun,pro-abort supporter of the militant homosexual agenda and promoter of illegal immigration.

      Makes sense to me.


    People are looking for alternatives to the corruption of the 2 party system front runners. If Ralph Nader runs this next election it’ll be bad news for the liberals.

    People don’t like the 2 party system because regardless of who they vote for they know they are voting for a dishonest person.

  • Richard Brown

    My delusions of libertarian grandeur.

    • richard brown

      More delusions of libertarian grandeur.

      • PanchoPdx

        Kinda ironic.

        For years local Republican insiders have advised local libertarians to give up the pipe dream of third-party viability, join the Republican party and work on change within it.

        Isn’t that what (libertarian) Ron Paul Republicans are doing?

        • CRAWDUDE

          The problem being is that the Republicans (RINOS) in charge of the GOP have alienated their conservative base so badly that the base is now searching for a new home. What’s that saying ;’Be careful what you asked for, you may end up getting it”.

          The RINO’s came out on the wrong side of almost every issue in the last 4 years. Illegal immigration being the major one that concerns me, we all saw where the President stands. I was a proud republican for years and bailed out a couple years ago for the Libertarian Party. Though the deck is stacked against them by the to corrupt ruling parties I still hold out hope the other will get sick of the DNC and GOP and move to a new party themselves.

          • Jamie Jackson

            Why not just help ourselves to the GOP? 🙂

  • Gullyborg

    Any idea how much of that single day donation money came from stolen credit cards?

    And I don’t think this is taking money away from serious GOP candidates. People giving it to Paul probably wouldn’t have given to Rudy or Fred instead. They might have given it to Obama, though.


      I’m not sure too many liberals are donating to Paul, it would be interesting to see the demographics of his support. I doubt there are too many ID thieves donating cash to any candidate.

      I don’t mind Fred but I think he waited too long to join the race, he’ll need a miracle I think……………though Rudi is starting to unravel a bit right now so it’s still anyones ball game.

      • Kris

        Demographics…I am a refugee from a former communist european country in 1981. My father at age 62 and just retired, left his Social Security behind to get me and my sister out. The commies kept my mother there for another 7 years. Freedom is more important than some government entitlement. I was registered republican because of Reagan and since then I have been betrayed by the pro big government New World Order Bush I and Bush II. The reason we even had Reagan is because Ron Paul backed him in 1976 when just 3 other republicans did. I see Ron Paul as the rebirth of the Reagan conservative revolution and you can see it going from long shot to a landslide just like Reagan.

    • FreeOregon

      You move toward and become like that which you think about.

      If you are obsessed with stolen credit cards you will assume that everyone else is dishonest too.

      This rising of the People of Oregon is about honesty, authenticity, and integrity. We have chosen Ron Paul because he represents the values we hold sacred.

      We have chosen to take control of our own lives, to care for each other instead of delegating our caring to some designated representative, and to do-it-ourselves.

      On November 5 we showed ourselves, and anyone who cares to listen, not just that money is speech, but that we are going to fund this campaign ourselves, without the lobbyists, without the lawyers selling out our state and or country.

      Every other aspiring candidate is spending money as fast or faster than he, or she, can raise it. Much of that money comes from corporations on the dole [check to learn who owns your favorite candidate].

      We, the People, are determined to upend a fundamentally dishonest system that has institutionalized and made legal outright bribery.

      Do not be surprised to see us sweep aside any and all corruption.

  • Lee Hamel

    Instead of saying “person X can’t win” or is “unelectable”, how about giving us some sound reasons using logic and data to back up your assertion? How many times have people been told they can’t win, but they work hard and believe in themself and have others that believe in them, and they win? There are many historical examples taken from many areas of life – politics, sports, personal triumphs, the list goes on and on.

    Just because things have always been done a certain way and/or by certain parties/people, DOESN’T mean that’s the right and moral way, and that is must ALWAYS be done that way. I don’t operate my life that way, and hope no one would ever accept being told they must think and do things a certain way.

    I believe that Ron Paul can win because he is honest, has integrity, he backs his arguments with data that makes sense, isn’t beholden to special interests, and has consistently been fighting for freedom and liberty in this country for 30 years.

  • Steven

    Just saying: What is wrong with the disillusioned people from both parties demoflaps/republicant’s dumping the parties of the corporate elite and start a peoples party and call it independent? No special interest dollars allowed only people/grassroots money will be taken. Issues would be.

    1. less government
    2. less taxes
    3. border security
    4. limited quality immigration
    5. energy independence
    6. no more global policing

    It could be done and we could say good bye to the rich elates that ruin this country. What would they do with themselves?

    • dean

      Forgive an aging liberal a dumb question Steven. Wouldn’t increased border security, limiting immigration to “quality” people, and moving towards energy idenpendence all mean MORE government and MORE taxes? I mean, who is going to police the border, process the immigrants to determine their “quality,” and put policies in place that replace foriegn oil (presumably taxes)?

      And if the US does retreat from global policing, then who steps up to stop the next bad guy from amassing enough power to threaten the U.S.? Canada? France? Just curious.

      • devietro

        Just because you add government staff in Border patrol does not mean that your Net government goes up. It is very easy to eliminate entire departments of staff. The goal is netting less government. Second of all energy independence is best accomplished by the private sector (like most things). You can make incentives for these things but the market will in fact solve for energy issues with proper demand. Determining quality of immigrants is much easier than you think, you look at their net effect on the country. Single male with a doctorate YES married 50yr old couple with 11 kids and no usable skills NO. Its sounds harsh and mechanical but that is what is needed in this situation. But deciding who should be allowed in MUST wait until we can stop the flood of illegals coming in over the border. Saying no does not work when there is an open border.

        If you want to see what allowing poor groups into the club does look at the European Union before and after they added 13 Eastern Block countries with poor economies. I am not the EU’s biggest defender but its a good case study in this case.

        • dean

          If it was “easy” to eliminate whole government departments or functions, then why was this never done even with 6 years of Republican dominance of Congress and the White House, and 6 years of Newt before that? Even if Ron Paul were elected by some miraculous turn of events, he would have Congress to deal with wouldn’t he?

          “The market” would not make the US energy independent, because “the market” does not give a rip about where we get energy from. By definition, “the market” is value neutral and cares only about efficiency, not what may or may not be good for the country. “Incentives” means what? Subsidizing private enterprise to better fulfill a social need? That sounds like liberalism to me.

          Who would set the rules for defining “quality” from other immigrants, given your example? Who would enforce them? And in the meantime, who will mow the lawns, harvest the food, change dirty bedsheets in nursing homes, and bus tables once the border is closed?

          To this liberal, what I see is not less government, but selective government. Different priorities perhaps, but not less in the aggregate. Show me a Republican party that eliminates subsidies for industrial agriculture and maybe I will sign up.

          • FreeOregon

            I’m not sure how to reply because you are making many conventional assumptions, and if that is what you do, then your conclusions have a kind of Marxian inevitability. That is the thinking that has gotten us where we are. It’s not going to get us out without a crash and burn, and sadly, crash and burn seems what we are about to experience as the financial merry-go-round screeches to a halt.

            In brief, you are correct about Congress. Ron Paul says one man cannot change things unless and until we, the people, change the way we think. The fact that the status quo Republicans who are funded by the same parasites who fund the Democrats made no changes ought not to surprise you. Have you noticed that so far we, the people, are ourselves funding the campaign to elect Ron Paul? Let the lobbyists and the lawyers fund their status quo candidates. Those are spending as fast as the Federal Reserve can print the money, and get their conduit entities to borrow and pass it on.

            Your concept of the market is Eco 101 in which all of us are consumers and every other attribute is ignored. That’s similar to Fermi’s approach in physics when, to focus on one aspect, he asked his students to “consider a spherical cow.” I don’t expect you to agree, but we don’t need or want incentives. What we want is to get government out of the way.

            Government is only one way to organize social relationships and to solve problems. It is the most expensive and least efficient way.

            To begin thinking “outside the box” try a thought experiment. Pick a challenge about which YOU really care, and ask yourself, how can I, with my neighbors, in my community, solve this challenge if government is not an option. For in truth, government isn’t an option. Just read today’s front page article on New Orleans and weep for our incompetent government and our people who have been trained like Pavlov’s dogs to be so dependent they no longer even realize that the best helping hand is at the end of your own arm.

            Perhaps if you’d tell us what you believe instead of assuming that all of us know what you mean by liberal, we could respond more directly and we might find that our actual beliefs are more similar than you realize.

            Of course there is a problem defining which people to admit to our country and on what basis. Of course we need to rethink the whole question of immigration. Of course we need to change our policies that impoverish people in the countries from which these people come. Of course the present laws do not work, and in fact are unenforceable. Of course we want to enforce the laws. Where does that leave us. It’s a mess. And if we cannot agree on criteria it is going to remain a mess until pretty soon it will be irrelevant, just as who was a Roman ultimately became irrelevant.

            You’ll have to wait until Ron Paul is President to see if the new, Ron Paul Republican Party eliminates industrial agricultural subsidies, but if we don’t take their political contributions in order to win the election the likelihood of doing so will increase exponentially. So far it looks as if we the people are going to elect a president without selling out our country.

            What you can do, if you want to help with this adventure, is to register as a Ron Paul Republican through the Oregon Primary. Once he’s nominated you can do as you please. You can join us to invent the future, or you can sit in the bleachers and observe. It’s up to you.

          • dean

            In sum…I think of myself as a pragmatic, liberal minded, skeptical, but still hopeful person. I support whatever seems to work in politics and in life. I toyed with the usual ideologies in my youth; socialism, libertarianism, anarchism even…and found them all deficient in exactly the same place. When reality did not fit the ideology, they got rid of reality. Like most organized religions do.

            I see Ron Paul through this lens. He has a consistent, compelling vision of an ideal world that does not exist. In this ideal world we would not need government. Like you say, we could fashion solutions for every problem on our own, within our families, or with our friends and neighbors. And as the song goes, “what a wonderful world it could be.”

            My friends on the far far left say the same thing you said. We are poised to crash and burn, and THEN we can remake the world as it should be. Meanwhile they wait for Godot, stock up on canned food, and live rather unhappy lives. The necessary crash always seems around the next bend of the road.

            The problem with all isms it sems to me is the lowest common denomenator. The weak link in the chain. Isms require supermen and women to succeed. Actual people are imperfect muddles. I embrace the imperfection and do what I can to help solve the problems that I encounter along the way.

            And recall that after the Roman Empire fell, the world did not break out into harmonious libertarianism or socialism. Quite the opposite. People retreated to protected enclaves, built walled towns and villages high up on hills, and invented feudalism. That lasted for 1000 years or more.

            I think I’ll sit out the Republican primary, but I appreciate the invitation. But I wish you God’s speed with respect to Ron Paul. He is certainly the best of a very bad lot within his chosen party.

          • FreeOregon

            You and I are not that different in experience or in outlook.

            ‘ism’s are a curse. The problem with the crash and spring like a phoenix from the ashes scenario is that the authoritarians step in and strangle the phoenix.

            I do believe that left alone people will find the best solutions.

            I still have faith in people and common sense.

            I do not want to wait for Godot, and neither do the other supporters of Ron Paul. I think we are realistic enough to know that whoever the next president is, that person will face unbelievable problems.

            In that position we would rather have someone of principle, someone with integrity, who is authentic, and whose personal positions are clear, than someone who needs to read the poll numbers before he or she can speak with conviction about anything at all.

            Many of us disagree with some of Ron Paul’s stated, personal positions. I am very much pro choice, for example. But this election is about the process by which we find solutions for ourselves, not about the solutions themselves that some designated representatives put together for us. So I am very comfortable with Ron Paul. Once he is President we can begin talking to each other, and, even more important, listening to each other, and figuring these things out for ourselves.

          • dean

            My experience is that in remote small towns and rural communities, people can and often do find ways to work out most problems without needing a heavy government hand. (Although anthropology tells us that in dispersed, decentralized rural cultures muder and revenge killings are a serious cause of death. And rural areas are where our highest poverty rates are nationally and internationally).

            In larger towns, cities, metropolitan areas, states, nations, continents, and the world, well organized technocratic institutions, hopefully subject to democratic oversight and repeal, are a necessary evil. Think about the systems we rely on day to day; reliable electricity, an integrated transportation network with timed stoplights, potable water, sewage treatment plants, universities & public schools, urban planners. Complex centralized systems mean we need a complex centralized government for oversight, coordination, regulation, and security.

            Sure, we COULD have solar collectors on our roofs, local wind generators and rain harvesters, productive gardens and home canning, but we would still need an integrated network of systems spanning continents or we would sink backwards into poverty.

            My sense is that libertarians and small government conservatives are mostly well meaning, but they are nostalgic for a simpler world that we can’t go back to. They see bloated bureaucracies, billion dollar investments in systems they themselves have no direct use for, fat pensions (not hard to spot,) and understandably try to roll things back, But the technocratic system is resilient simply because it is NECESSARY. Rather than accept it as a fact, work with it, find ways to make it more responsive and efficient, they simply try to break it apart out of sheer frustration and anger.

            Why are conservative radio hosts always angry? Because they can’t win and they know it, and their audiences know it in their hearts. Abortion is going to remain legal, someday gay couples are going to be able to marry each other, light rail and the endangered species act are here to stay, and taxes are going to take between 1/4 and 1/2 of any modern economy. We can debate at the margins, but can’t change these basics.

            I’ve come around to accepting that a costly, complex level of technocratic government is a fact of life. I support political leaders who support civil liberties, responsive government, the have-nots over the haves, and I accept the constant vigilance advice Jefferson offered a long time ago. As Phil Ochs sang; “Love me love me love me…I’m a liberal.

            Ron Paul, while apparently a man of high integrity and intelligence, I fear is an idealist who thinks he can lop off huge chunks of government that he thinks are unecessary or wasteful. If he actually succeeded he and his supporters might be in for a rude awakening. Revolutions tend to spawn undesirable offspring.

          • Sybella

            I don’t disagree with what you say, but why are you so sure we have to have high taxes. What really can the government do for us that we can’t do for ourselves?

          • dean


            Its a long list. Police, fire, parks, roads, sewers, water, schools, bank regulation, social security, health care for the old and poor, cargo inspection, food and drug safety inspection, planning, national defense, border security…and so forth. Basically the list is all the stuff government is actually doing. And all this costs a lot, and that is what we pay taxes for. And if you want well educated, well trained, motivated people doing these things you pay them well.

            We can argue around the margins, whether we really need this or that service, and whether we can get it for less money somehow. But to argue we can do these things “for ourselves” strikes me as unnrealistic.

          • FreeOregon


            You still won’t let yourself enjoy that thought experiment. Without trying you can’t get out of your box.

          • dean


            Maybe its a failure of my imagination. I don’t accept the premise you posed that “government is not an option.” As bad as it is in New Orleans, it was after all the government that plucked people off of roofs, slowly got supplies in, provided the limited law enforcement that put the chaos back in the bottle, and that has reconstructed the levees (how well only time will tell).

            It doesn’t require a thought experiment for me to think of things I have been able to solve with friends, family, and neighbors over the years. My next door neighbor raises cattle, and every now and then they get through the fence and we call them and together round them up. Amazing how timid those big beasts are!

            More to the point perhaps, for a time I served on the board of directors of a dysfunctional back to the land commune in southern Oregon. 12 people with very compatable value systems living in a place where they actually could grow most of their own food, provide their own heat and building materials just could not get their act together, even over the smallest items. Too many wanted control without responsibility.

            I see myself and most others (in the 1st world) as immersed and yes, rather dependent on expensive, annoying, technocratic systems. Where these systems do not exist, there is usually poverty, not happy cooperative villagers.

          • davidg

            Your opposition to Ron Paul seems to boil down to the following: what is is all there can be; I can’t imagine anything different.

            It is easy for us to be pessimistic. But you might find it interesting to try to create the future – instead of submitting to the present. Ron Paul may or may not be the person who successfully implements his dream, but he has given a lot of us the incentive to keep our dreams alive and continue working for them. None of the other candidates do that.

          • dean


            No…I’m a professional planner, designer, writer, and teacher. I spend a lot of time imagining better futures, probably too much time. I don’t accept that because things are what they are that the future will be the same. Far from it.

            I’m hoping to make 2 points. First, that just because any of us CAN imagine a better world does not mean that what we are imagining is achievable. The original meaning of the word “utopia” is “no place.”

            Second, Ron Paul’s semi-libertarian vision is neither achievable nor desirable for the reasons I laid out. A complex, integrated world is not conducive to a decentralized, free market, self or local sufficiency model. A mixed system with technocratic management, democratic oversight, and regulated markets is probably the system we need, not simply the one we have.

          • Ted kennedy’s Liver

            Technocracy – one of the few political philosophies wackier than pure libertarianism – is simply another flavor of fascism.

          • dean

            But its not a political philosophy. Its a fact of life in the modern world. My point is that any useful political philosophy would begin from that fact and not wander off into what if dreamland.

  • princessredtights

    I had been a registered Republican from my first election (1980) up until 2 years ago. I simply couldn’t take it anymore! Frustrated, I switched my voter registration to “independant”. I wasn’t sure if I would actually vote in an election again!

    When I found Ron Paul in May of this year and started researching not only what he says but also what he has done, I became enamoured with his consistent principles.

    Finally, I feel there is a candidate who speaks for ME and for what I believe – the beloved Constitution, precious liberty, freedom.

    I want our country to run the way the Founding Fathers set up the Constitution. I want the three branches of government to work within their contraints. I want Judges to refrain from legislating from the bench. I want Congress to say “screw you” to the lobbyists and refuse to meet with them like Ron Paul. I want the Executive Branch to stop writing those damn Exectutive Orders. I want our country to stop meddling with the internal affairs of other sovereign nations. And, I want the evil Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act repealed!

    I am once again a registered Republican and I proudly support Ron Paul.

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