Lars Larson on Gov. Ted and licenses for illegals

Well, it sounds like the Governor of Oregon is going to finally change his ridiculous stance on driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.

Governor Ted Kulongoski has been keeping up a ridiculous premise for the last six years. He said that he has no power to change the situation where driver’s licenses are issued by the state of Oregon to illegal aliens. It makes no sense.

For the past eleven years I’ve been arguing on this radio station that the governors of this state could have done something about it. Well, now it sounds like the governor is going to announce today that he is going to cut off driver’s licenses for illegal aliens and he’s going to do it through an Executive Order. Exactly the power that we’ve always suggested that Governor Kulongoski has had.

It’s a good thing that’s he’s finally admitted that it’s possible to do it. It’s a sad thing that he had to be brought to it because Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions may be sabotaged by driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. Good that he’s doing it. Bad that he’s doing it for that reason.