State may release double killer

Press release from Crime Victims United 11-18-2007:

Subject: Parole Hearing And Possible Release Of Double Killer Raymond Roy
From: Steve Doell, Crime Victims United 503-635-2245
When: 11:30 A.M.; Wed., Nov. 21, 2007
Where: Oregon State Penitentiary, 2605 State Street, Salem,

This Wednesday the Oregon Board of Parole will hold a hearing on the
release of Raymond Francis Roy. Mr Roy brutally murdered his brother,
Richard Roy, and sister-in-law, Ruby Roy, in 1984. Below please find an appeal from the daughter of the victims to block Raymond Roy’s release.

We need you to call or email the parole board and respectfully express
your opinion that a brutal and calculating double murderer should not be

Mr. Roy was convicted of Aggravated Murder. Under current law he would
serve a minimum of 30 years. However, at the time of the murders a
minimum sentence of 20 years was allowed.

We need you to email or make the call no later than this Tuesday at 5:00

The parole board members are Steven Powers (chair), Darcey Baker
and Candace Wheeler.

Phone: 503-945-9009
Email: [email protected]

Thank you.

Howard Rodstein


Raymond Roy planned for up to a year to murder his victims. He has admitted to fantasizing about killing them.

He planned his crime :At some point before the murders Raymond Roy determined how he would enter the building of his victims and gathered his weapons. He took with him a 9 mm semi automatic gun, lead pipe, ski mask, gloves, a hunting knife, and a key to the building his victims were located in. He had taken off his shoes before entering so as not to be heard.

On the afternoon of Mother’s day May 13th 1984 it is believed that he entred the building and was moving around upstairs near the attic when he was spotted by an employee. When asked what he was doing he stated that he was waiting to play a trick on Rich. The police were called and no one could be located.

He murdered his victims on Mother’s Day May 13th 1984: However later on that night the defendant entered the building again and at around 6:00 p.m. he set out to execute his younger brother and my mother.

He began firing through the vitims apartment door and shot his brother numerous times. While doing so, he was hit with one bullet. Although he had been shot he then chased down my mother and hit her violently several times in the head with a lead pipe.

On May 19th 1984 Raymond Roy was arrested and charged with agravated murder, because more than one person was killed during the same episode.

The penalty for conviction of this type of murder is a life sentence with a mandatory minimum term of 30 years before becoming eligible for parole.

On what would have been my mother’s 45th birthday September 13th 1984, the trial for Raymond Roy began.

He was found guilty of agravated murder in the death of Ruby Roy which carried a automatic life sentence with a mandatory minimum of 20 years before becoming eligible for parole.

He was found guilty of manslaughter in the death of Richard Roy which carried a maximum term of 20 years.

The jury found unanimously and beyond a resonable doubt that Raymond Roy intentionally and without justification caused the death of Ruby Roy during and in furtherance of a robbery in the first degree.

He has served 23 years of a life sentence. Basically he has served the 20 years he was sentened to for killing his brother. He now needs to serve the life sentence he was given for killing my mother. 23 years is not enough time for killing two people.

He was 36 years old when he commited his crime and is now 59 years old.