Three national polls

Below are three polls (a) Obama passes Hilary (b) Candidate likability and (c) Congressional approval.

A Washington Post Poll of Iowa showed Sen. Obama passing Hillary for the first time:

Barack Obama- 30%
Clinton – 26%
John Edwards – 22%
Bill Richardson 11%

Most likable candidates poll:
Obama – 54%
Giuliani – 46%

Gallup poll on congress/pres. still looks awful.
Approve Congress = 20%
Approve Bush = 32%

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  • Bob Clark

    I don’t think Mitt Romney can win the presidency. According to a dog lover friend, Romney did a dastardly thing to his family dog. He didn’t have room in his car for the dog when heading out with his family on a road-trip vacation. So, he put the dog on the top of his car somehow, and allowed the wind to whip up against the dog’s eyes. Somehow this shows gross negligence. My friend is outraged.

    As for Fred Thompson, he sure doesn’t show any “fire in the belly” like good old Reagan sported. And I think he supports the fair tax which is a loser. He also wants to talk about social security which is a mine field.

    McCain? Well, he’s a Rhino.

    So, it’s Giuliani on the Repub side. Like it or not.
    This leaves those of us hoping for at least some federal government grid-lock in the post Bush era with Giuliani. So, I hope conservatives will swallow their standards and vote for the ex-big Apple mayor.


      I was hoping Thompson would be a little stronger than he has shown…………….

  • Gullyborg

    Everyone I know who has actually seen Fred in person instead of getting impressions from filtered and biased media paints a very different picture. “Fire in the belly” is nothing more substantive than an easy copy-paste.

    I assume your Romney story is a pathetic joke.

    Yes, McCain is toast.

    But Giuliani, while a good candidate, is hardly a lock. Actually, while I personally am not a fan, I think Huckabee has a serious chance at this. And, though it hurts me to say it, even Ron Paul will be viable.

    I think the only ones who need to drop out and narrow the field are McCain, Hunter, and Tancredo. But McCain first. He even just dropped behind Rudy IN ARIZONA. His time has come and gone. Make way for others, John.

  • Jerry

    As long as we are discussing who’s finished, how about Edwards? He is done.


      Never say never, hilary and the the enemy in our midsts may beat each other up so bad that edwards walks through the carnage into the dnc nomination.

      • Jerry

        I hope you are right, as this guy could never win election. He is way too phony.

  • John Fairplay

    The only poll that counts is the actual voting, but it’s interesting to see a little of the mantle of inevitability knocked off Hillary’s shoulders. The fringe anti-war kooks dominate Democrat primary/caucus voters at the moment and she’s not been able to get much traction in running away from her votes on that issue. I suspect Hillary and Bill are in an absolute state of shock that she’s being challenged this strongly for the nomination.

    • dean

      John…that is “finge anti-war kooks” plus 70% of the
      american people who want us out of Iraq. A mighty big fringe.

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