Map: US States that match other nations GDP

Each state’s economic output is analogized to another country’s GDP.
Map here:

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  • Jerry

    Maybe, just maybe, all these nay-sayer, left-wing, commune loving, share-the-wealth wack jobs will take a look at this map and finally realize how powerful freedom in the marketplace is.

    But, sadly, they will only look at it with visions of taking the wealth from those who earned it and giving it to those who won’t.

    Truly sad, indeed.

  • eagle eye

    Hmmm, I wonder how many of these matches still hold up, given the decline of the dollar.

    • E.P.

      Thank the ‘free market’ for that declining dollar.

  • DMF

    I had to look at this twice, I knew things were bad here, but I didn’t know we were a third world country yet. Well maybe not yet, but it would be interesting to see this map in five years under the liberals. That is if the US still exists.

    It isn’t only the liberals, but the politicians as a whole who are searchig for power, they may still rule, but over a very backward country. Some coup huh?

  • John Fairplay

    You guys do understand that you add all those 50 countries together to get the U.S. total GDP, right? Largest GDP in the world, equal to the output of 50 COUNTRIES! Texas alone is as big as Canada!

  • devietro

    I find it Ironic that Oregon is equated with Israel probably the only list where that ever happens. However the map is a valid point by itself.

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