That “old technocratic central planning impulse” is alive and well in Oregon

By Steve Buckstein One of the most memorable and talked about lines from the November 10th Republican presidential debate came from Senator Marco Rubio, who said, “For the life of me, I don’t know why we have stigmatized vocational education. … Continue reading

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Carly Fiorina and The Donald

No one would accuse me of being a feminist. Not because I am a misogynist but because I’m not a liberal and I don’t support taxpayer funded abortion on demand. It is a disqualifier that I proudly share with Republican … Continue reading

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New/Old Thoughts on Welfare

Every now and then the Oregonian, perhaps unwittingly, produces an article that should set Americans thinking about changing the status quo. This past weekend was one of those instances. In the September 6, 2015 edition, Joseph Rose wrote an article … Continue reading

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Rewarding Consistent Bad Behavior

Psychologists, economists, criminologists and parents routinely tell us that past performance is the best predictor of future behavior. Only in politics is that adage routinely ignored – and no more so that when liberals/progressives find past performance an inconvenient barrier … Continue reading

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Celebrating “Human Achievement Hour” This Saturday

By Steve Buckstein This Saturday you’ll have the opportunity to vote with your light switches. Either turn your lights off from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm local time to “show your commitment to climate change action now” or turn your … Continue reading

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Meet “The Man Who Could Bring Down ObamaCare”

Would you like to meet the man the media says could bring down ObamaCare? You’ll have that opportunity next Thursday evening, February 26, when Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute speaks in Portland. Cannon is an architect of the legal strategy … Continue reading

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“Tax the Rich,” Reprise

In President Obama’s State of the Union address this evening, he apparently will advocate for more taxes on the rich. It’s a tried-and-true political platform aimed at gaining support from those who think that some people make too much money … Continue reading

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Equal Outcome Is the Wrong Goal

By John A. Charles, Jr. In Governor Kitzhaber’s final inaugural address last week, he focused on the themes of equality and community. Specifically, he wants to reduce the gap between rich and poor. He also believes that only through collective action … Continue reading

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Christmas –2014: A Season for Hope

In a year filled with so much tragedy, conflict and antipathy we sometimes have to search hard for optimism. I went back through my columns over the past decade to remind me of the goodness of man and the reason … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Turkey – with Uncle Sam

By Steve Buckstein On this Thanksgiving I have to give credit to The Blaze for alerting me to a serious issue of public concern. Apparently the U.S. government, in its collective wisdom, believes that Americans need its help to purchase, … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Liberalism

The high cost of liberalism continues to increase. Tuesday mornings Oregonian reported on another “green energy” fantasy slipping into failure at considerable cost to taxpayers. An article by Molly Young stated: “Portland’s SoloPower Systems has missed another monthly payment on … Continue reading

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Real solution to fed land mismanagement: fight elitist Progressivism

by Jack Swift MANIFEST DESTINY – An Analytic View of Federal Ownership In the great dispute over utilization of our Federal lands in the West, the attempt is frequently made to end run the arguments over how best to manage … Continue reading

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