UPDATE: DCCC also harassing workers at Cornilles company

by NW Spotlight

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington D.C also caught trying to dig up dirt on Cornilles

UPDATE: In addition to Senator Suzanne Bonamici’s campaign consultant calling employees of Rob Cornilles, we’ve also learned that operatives from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) in Washington, D.C. have been calling them anonymously as well.  At least twice last week, a call from 202-485-3535 came to one Game Face employee.

The person on the other end of the line was asking questions about the company without identifying herself.  The phone number is registered to the DCCC and when the number was called a woman named Amanda answered the phone.  A representative of the Cornilles campaign said that a Game Face employee had received a call from the phone number asking about the company.  Amanda promptly hung up.

Original story: Bonamici’s campaign caught digging up dirt on Cornilles

Senator Suzanne Bonamici likes to say she’s not an “offensive or divisive” campaigner. I think we can now end that charade. Most reasonable people would call it “offensive and divisive” when your chief campaign consultant is anonymously calling Rob Cornilles’ employees at Game Face Inc, and trying to dig up dirt by interviewing unsuspecting employees.

Yesterday, a Game Face employee was called by someone who didn’t identify himself, but was asking specific questions about the business. A little puzzled by the call, the employee looked at the Caller ID information, which showed 503-221-4921. That’s the number for M+R Strategic Services in Portland. M+R Strategic Services does not show up in any disclosure documents for firms involved in the First Congressional District race.

But, interestingly, M+R Strategic Services shares an office suite at 1220 SW Morrison Street, Suite 910 in Portland with a firm called Winning Mark. Winning Mark is listed as the General Consultant on the Federal Election Commission expenditure report by Bonamici for Congress.

Yesterday, we learned that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is spending nearly half a million dollars in negative ads to discredit Rob Cornilles. Senator Bonamici, knowing that her attack dogs are out there beating up on Cornilles, released a positive spot trying to show her as above the fray. But, there is no difference between the tactics of negative campaigner Bonamici and the DCCC ads running here. The actions of her campaign are deplorable. Calling anonymously and talking to unsuspecting employees to try to get dirt on an opponent? Does anybody think that Senator Bonamici is going to bring a new tone to Washington, D.C. if she’s authorizing these tactics?

In a district that the Democrats have controlled for nearly 40 years and where they have a 12-point registration advantage, both the DCCC and negative campaigner Bonamici are running nearly $500,000 in negative ads and calling Cornilles’ employees to dig up dirt. Does anybody find this a little bit overkill? If the Democrats think they’re going to win this race, their actions certainly reveal otherwise.

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  • Jimmcd503

    Me thinks Rob doth protest too much

    • Anonymous

      About what, in particular?

  • None

    There is no such organization as the “Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee.”

    I realize that you are under marching orders to never use the term “Democratic”, but it just shows your level of childishness.

    When you join the adult world, we’ll be able to take you seriously.

    • guest

      There are numbnuts and Nonenuts – both idiologicalees!

    • http://oregoncatalyst.com/ Editor

      Apologies – you are correct, it is Democratic.

      • None

        Thank you for fixing it. Maybe there are some adults at OC after all.

    • Anonymous

      Well, we *can* use the term “Democratic,” but it seems inappropriate because there is nothing democratic about it.

      Democratic (small ‘d’) would refer to *all* the people, including those who created jobs and wealth. The Democratic operatives and career politicians are interested only in getting rich by supposedly representing the “little guy.”  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Maxine Waters and Barny Frank come immediately to mind. And, let’s not forget Rev. Al Sharpton and *THE* Rev. Jessie Jackson, just to name a couple of notorious Democrats.

      But, the thrust of the article was about Democratic infiltration into our candidate’s company. There is nothing to be seen there.  And, by the way, we don’t appreciate having our meetups filmed by you guys. The next time you do it, some of us will be pressing charges. It is a crime to film our private meetings without  our permission.

  • valley person

    “In a district that the Democrats have controlled for nearly 40 years and
    where they have a 12-point registration advantage, both the DCCC and
    negative campaigner Bonamici are running nearly $500,000 in negative ads
    and calling Cornilles’ employees to dig up dirt. Does anybody find this
    a little bit overkill?”

    No. Democrats have learned the hard way to fight fire with fire.

  • cyh045

    people like Bonamici,Nancy,Harry,Obama, could not win a marble shooting contest with out lying, cheating, or digging up dirt on there opponent. let us Oregonians not get caught up in these games. let us look at the record of these people that have been in office, is the job market better today? Are you taxes higher? does the person running for any office, a tax and spend person? look at there voting record, are they in lock step with the Party? Bonamici is a lock step democrat, she isn’t for Oregon, she will do what ever the national democrat party leaders want her to do. to h*** with Oregon as long as Bonamici gets more power? if you think any thing different about and democrat in office, you have your head in the sand or you are a lock step person. and the same can be said for Republicans that put party over the people in there state.  

    • Ardbeg

      cyh045- I’m on board once you  included  “and the same can be said for Republicans that put party over the people in there state”. I’d rather eat the A$$ out of a dead horse than call myself a “republican” or a “democrat”.  As long as it’s a 2 party system that is corrupted by Unions, Corporations and Lobbyist, this system is anything but democratic! These people who have picked a side and blame the other for all the ills of the society are so one dimensional they disappear if they turn sideways!  I don’t have all the answers but I know when something is WHACK! And the current system is WHACKY.  Not the republicans, not the Democrats; the whole system.  You won’t find me “Occupying” anything or anywhere soon but I do understand the frustration felt by a lot of the citizens of the US. You are one of the first I’ve seen who actually places blame on both sides, all be it at the end of your post.  But good for you!  Let’s look at the options the 2 party system will give us for this election cycle- Obama on the D side, duh.  On the R side we have bats&*t crazy M. Bachman, Rick “religous fanatic” Santorum, Newt (does no one remember what a scumbag self serving insider this guy was?!) or a guy who changes his view more than his socks. The whole debate over Cornilles or Bonamici is moot.  Both, especially Rob C, will vote exactly as he is told.  That’s not a slam against Republicans.  They are nothing if not well organized, I just feel when I vote R I’m voting for the party and not for the individual.  Bonamici likewise but to a lesser extent.

  • Anonymous

    On their website, M&R Strategic Services show a young woman holding up a sign that says “M&R stands for Transparency.” :)

  • Anonymous

    Democrats are obviously running scared. The WaPo reports the D-Triple-C is spending a million dollars. Democrats will be further humiliated when Cornilles beats Bonamici, just as they lost NY-9 after the resignation of Anthony Weiner over his pecker picture.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Frankly, after hearing the Lars Larson interview, this past Thursday as I recall, Cornilles is pretty much done. His response on the bridge of idiocy question was absolutely astounding. How anyone would do an interview and not have prepared for a really obvious question on the single biggest infrastructure project and boondoggle facing Oregon is beyond me. Say hello to representative Bonaducci, Bon Ami, whatever the hell it is. On the up side rep Don Ameche will very likely be in the minority so other than wasting $3B on a bridge I would suspect the damage will be limited.

    • valley person

      So you assume a botched Lars interview would cost him the election? I kind of doubt it. If he loses it is because there are more Democrats in that district than Republicans. If he wins its because too many of them failed to mail in a ballot.

      And Rupert Bunker is now making fun of Italians?  Who next?

  • Ladywriter

    Wow – a report of Dems doing dirty. That’s news? That is the only way they operate.

    • None

      How, then, do you explain Republican dirty tricks in Wisconsin? In New Hampshire (for which they were fined?) Watergate?

      • guest

        Hey, we resemble those remarks!
          ~ 4 former IL governors!

      • Dickw

        The Dems are much dirtier.
        Such as recounting ballots in Washington until the Dem governor candidate wins.
        Such as intimidating with clubs voters at polling places in Philadelphia. 
        Such as the massive vote registration fraud committed by ACORN.
        And so on.
        Now just what exactly for the GOP do in Wisconsin? Win an election fair and square? Put through programs they promised to do with out buckling to the intimidation of a state house full of union thugs?

  • guest

    Bonamicci should join with her cousin dummy Bonaduce and chase about after sic ufo’s [unregurgitated flying observations]. 

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