Oregon GOP candidate rumors – Governor, Congress

by NW Spotlight

Plans for the 2014 campaigns are starting to take shape, and the rumors are starting to filter in. In addition to those who’ve already publicly announced, here’s what we’re hearing so far:

Oregon GOP candidate rumors

Running for



incumbent Dem


Governor Rep. Dennis Richardson  Dennis Richardson Gov. John Kitzhaber  John Kitzhaber_thb
Governor Allen Alley  Allen Alley_thb Gov. John Kitzhaber  John Kitzhaber_thb
U.S. Congress Oregon CD-4 Rep. Bruce Hanna  Bruce Hanna_thb U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio  Peter DeFazio_thb
U.S. Congress Oregon CD-5 Rep. Julie Parrish   Julie Parrish_thb U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader  Kurt Schrader_thb

Commenting on the rumors so far:

Rep. Julie Parrish – Julie acknowledges that she has been asked to run for CD-5, but she hasn’t made a decision at this time.
Allen Alley – “Oregon needs positive, optimistic, aspirational leadership with a vision. I believed that in 2010 and it is true now more than ever. Have not made a decision regarding running in 2014. I will keep you posted as my family, friends, supporters and I move through the decision process.”

Here’s a look at Oregon’s congressional districts as of January 2012:


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  • Bob Clark

    I wish Carla Edwards would have stayed and eventually run for governor. She is relatively young, well spoken and good at debate. Julie Parrish has some of the same qualities but I am somewhat doubtful she can unseat Schrader. Parrish should maybe consider running for governor. Richardson is great but he brings little name recognition within the Metro area, which Parrish also lacks name recognition state wide vis-à-vis Kitzhaber. This is why the GOP needs more a celebrity, or firebrand like Carla Edwards, to re-vitalize the Oregon GOP with the Governor’s race. Alley has some name recognition but doesn’t really excite the GOP base.

    Really, GOP should concentrate on flipping the Oregon Senate.

    • .

      Both ‘separated’ Schraders, Kurt and Martha, are DNC rubber stamps planted by snook or by crook.

  • Al Beback

    Currently, the Dems are so ensconced…pity… that creating a third state, Jefferson, seems more possible.

    On the other hand, an unchecked evil Dempire could implode whence right minded folks from both sides of the aisle realize the Dem crapped crusade tolls for too many dingbats wed-geed in the capitol belfry.

    • .

      IOW, vote GOP rather than for what’s left of US, please, if you have any sense of what’s right over bong.

  • wilinsalem

    How did the celebrity thing work out with Dudley? Several ex Blazers were on board, big urban name recognition, socially moderate, just what we are always told has a chance to win…..how did that go again?

    • wilinsalem

      This was in response to Bob Clark below, I like Dennis Richardson a lot and hope he clearly articulates a message. We need to also focus on retaking the Oregon House and Senate to give him a legislative branch to work with as Bob mentioned below also.

    • Support conservative paradigms

      Dudley DoRight was up against the current establishment staked out by left-bling Goldphile in 1987- and, even d’oh ensuing supplicants virtually panned out less than desired. Dem alchemists made fools of the electorate by promissory denoting ‘theirs’ would be a silver subliming over anything the GOP might refine.

      The rest is misery and if common sense Oregonians continue to put up with this chicanery, the winding road ahead will only become worse – and, that’s the toot!

  • mairez

    Kitzhauber squeaked by Dudley in the final moments of the race. Dudley wasn’t gubernatorial. My money would be on Richardson. He’s a fighter and I share his principles. He won’t give ground when a principle is at stake. He has lots of legislative experience. I think he can beat Dr. K. He can certainly beat him in any debate. Go Dennis!

    Bruce Hanna is well known and Defazio’s voting advantage can, with much effort, be overcome.

    Julie would be a good competitor against Schrader. She will have served two terms as representative. That’s enough background for Congress. And, the left doesn’t hate her.

    Let’s just hope that when these candidates choose to run with the big dogs, their empty seats will be filled with good solid conservatives.

  • The Bill Post Radio Show

    Here is my take both in blog form and on the radio on this very issue though I go into a bit more detail based on my sources.

  • Gary Astorino

    Funny how the Democrats keep bemoaning the state of Oregon, crime, jobs, education, etc. when they vote the same jokers in over and over and over. Look at Ron Wyden, come on the guy hasn’t even lived in the state for decades so of course he will vote to make half the state a park and not pay any taxes to Oregon. When you have no skin in the game you can vote for all the nice stuff. You can’t cry over how the state suffers when you haven’t had a Republican in power for 30 YEARS. Its no George Bush’s fault.

  • Susie Que

    Here’s my checklist:
    Bill Richardson: Please, not another Mormon running for higher office. State Rep. is great.
    Allen Alley: Establishment elite Republican, no thank you.
    Julie Parrish: May be a great Representative, but not enough name recognition there I’m afraid.
    Bruce Hanna: The BEST choice of the above candidates, in my humble opinion. He has name recognition and has a proven record of taking a stand for the individual taxpayer in Oregon and for Oregon’s small businesses.

    • GretaN

      Bigoted much?

      • Susie Que

        In regards to?

        • Susie Que

          [ bíggət ]
          intolerant person: somebody with strong opinions, especially on politics, religion, or ethnicity, who refuses to accept different views
          So, I guess since you refuse to accept my different point of view, that makes you a bigot, actually, based on the definition.

          As I said, I think Mr. Richardson is probably doing a great job in the position he currently holds, so don’t think I would say that if bigotry were the issue. Oregon, of course, may be different, but nationally speaking in regards to Mitt Romney, many, many Republican voters weren’t accepting of Mormonism, or still skeptical of it, and that may have been a big factor in his loss. I want to win elections, not lose. Mormons have lots to offer, and I have no problem with their positive contributions to society. I think Mitt Romney is a very smart man and has lots to offer the Republican Party. But, I know Mormonism, which many still consider to be a cult, was not going to work for the office of the Presidency. That’s not bigotry, just reality.

          • oy vey iz mir

            Susie Q, cuckoo or cuckold nuts? Given the fakir Muslim Brotherhood that BHO supplicates unto, I’ll take fair and balanced LDS before another desperate desecration manifested by what’s left of US!

    • HBguy

      I didn’t realize the former Democratic Governor of Arizona and UN Ambassador was a Mormon Republican, and didn’t know he was going to run for Republican nomination here in Oregon. Guess you learn something new here on OC everyday.

      • McCall Mann

        Oregon’s Democratic Party is so full of crap their eyes are Kitzhaber-Brown – meaning they can lower the kaka boom on most any challenge to their authority and stir hardly ripple in their devoted minions abscess pool.

        That said, how ’bout unearthing an DINO4US like Betsey Johnson, who may the GOP’s best hope for someone with good bones and cojones for common sense leadership?

        OK, still like Gordon Smith was short sheeted by anti-Mormon factions, a slight for sore eyes considering what currently occupies the White House.

  • trojanguy

    The Democratic Party (aka American Communist Party)……THEY are the Enemy Within! A Pox on these Far Left, America hating Rats!!

  • Dem! He

    Scott Bruun anyone? Read his words published in The Oregonian editorial pages 07 Jul 13.

    • Dem! He’s Right!

      er, 20 Jul 13

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