Oregon media peddling partisan background check poll

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by NW Spotlight

The Oregonian and Statesman Journal have articles on a recent poll on gun background checks. Both mention that the polling was done by Public Policy Polling. But both The Oregonian and the Statesman Journal neglected to reveal anything about Public Policy Polling.

Public Policy Polling is a controversial and flippant Democratic Pollster based in North Carolina that “polls only for Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations.”

The link to the actual poll results in the Statesman Journal article goes to the Center for American Progress Action Fund web site.

The Center for American Progress (CAP) is described by The Nation as “Washington’s leading liberal think tank.” The Nation exposes political cronyism at CAP, and notes “CAP has emerged as perhaps the most influential of all think tanks during the Obama era, and there’s been a rapidly revolving door between it and the administration. CAP is also among the most secretive of all think tanks concerning its donors.”

Over the last two months, CAP has done the same anti-gun background check polling for Colorado and Nevada, and an anti-gun background check Infographic for Washington State.

The Nevada newspaper demonstrated more journalistic integrity, revealing that the polling had been done “by Public Policy Polling for the liberal groups, ProgressNow Nevada and the Center for American Progress Action Fund.”

Besides the very partisan nature of the polling, there are also the issues of how questions are worded, and whether polling is a valid replacement for the legislative process.

A competitor of Public Policy Polling noted “the wording of questions does have an influence on what opinions you find.” That sentiment was echoed by Oregon Firearms Federation Director Kevin Starrett in the Statesman Journal article. Starrett said “more people would oppose the idea if you asked them whether they would want to run a background check before selling a gun to a friend.” State Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas) told the Statesman Journal he thought the wording of the questions was slanted, and he added “I’ve run multiple campaigns across Oregon, I can get poll results to say anything I want.”

Sen. Boquist also told the Statesman Journal “Good legislation is not based on polling, [The background check bill] is designed for politics.”

UPDATE: Public Policy Polling admits hiding unfavorable poll results (h/t Mike Chandler)

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  • My2Bits

    The PPP also seems to not like reporting results their not to fond of as well:


  • Bob Clark

    The percentage of people reportedly saying yes to expanded background checks was said to be 78% or so in the Statesman Journal article, which given the track record of successful resistance to such measure seem really pretty suspect without even checking on the pollster or the phrasing of the polling questions.

    Much of Oregon government, such as Metro, fiend doing scientific polling as a substitute for asking people directly to vote on a major issue, such as cramming a new light rail line down already congested 99W. But often what you find is Metro and other Oregon government entities slanting the polling questions; for instance, like “not doing anything” is not a choice given in the polling question.

    Especially when it comes to public projects causing major changes in a local community or neighborhood, there is no substitute as genuine as directly having the affected citizens vote on the public project.

  • Jack Lord God

    It’s weird, all these anti second amendment ideas poll so great, but yet when it comes down to it, politicians who vote for them tend to get thrown out of office unless they are in reliably anti 2A areas.

    The jig is up on gun control – With massive increases in gun ownership and right to carry absolutely none of the nonsense the anti 2A crowd said would happen did happen.

    When you push the same old tired ideas rather than admit maybe your cause was wrong, people tend to stop listening. That’s where the Brady Bunch are now.

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