Oregon Presidential Straw Poll Results

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC,

The Taxpayer Association has conducted two straw polls. Poll #1 was a straw poll of 400 prime taxpayer activists in Oregon over three different polling points (September, Early & Later December).  Note: In Sept. Cain polled around 20%.

Poll #2 represents a wider online poll emailed out to pro-taxpayer leaning Oregonians and generally politically active Oregonians of all stripes, Independents, Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians (over 1,300 responses). These unscientific straw polls are a way for Oregonians to voice their choice and help Oregon be a part of the national debate.

— These polls also reflect a flash moment in time in a wildly erratic race.


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  • guest

    Anyone But Obama – 2012 and any other ‘party’ supporting amnesty for illegals.
    Additionally, Steve King, Vice President and John Bolton, Secretary of State to steer our sovereign nation over in the right direction. 

    PS, Norman Schwarzkopf, Secretary of Defense, Joe Arpaio, Secretary of Homeland Security and Chris Christie, restoring candor to the AG office.  

    • 3H

      Yeah, not sure I can get aboard that train.   Since the Repubs are unlikely to nominate Huntsman, which would encourage me to vote 3rd party, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to vote for Obama again.   

      I’m certainly not going to vote for any of the social conservatives who are willing to use the Presidency to force their narrow Christian beliefs on the nation.

      I can’t get excited for Ron Paul since he sees the Civil Rights Act as being as bad, and leading to, the Patriot Act. 

      LOL.. who do the Republicans have to offer who isn’t a nut job?

      • guest

        Oabama Marxing US to down the road to a New World Order.  Tanks a lot, shillgrim.  You take and eat the cake, monsier. 

        • 3H

          Oh yes, Obama is a Marxist. No, wait, a Kenyan Marxist.  Because you say so.  Proof enough for me.  

      • JoelinPDX

        I’m pretty sure I’ll have to vote for Obama again.” 

        Now there’s a big surprise. The guy that worships at the font of Obozo (Or Jeremiah Wright, take your pick) is pretty sure he’s going to vote for Obozo. I’m willing to bet $10,000 that you’ll vote for Obozo…small minds and all that kind of thing.

        • 3H

          Yes, I’m quite certain you know all about small minds Joel.  And note the word “have”, who are the Republicans throw up to run against him?  Candidates who have been vetted and approved by the religious right?  No thank you.  As bad as Obama is, it can be worse.  And, I haven’t totally made up my mind either.  Not that I expect you to believe that.  You’re too constrained in your narrow thinking to ever consider something like that.  You apparently have a very black and white, simplistic, way of thinking and the ability to ignore any evidence to the contrary.

          • guest

            Difficult to imagine anyone worse than Obama, save for Biden, Carter, Gore, Kerry, let alone Jeremiah, Jesse and Al.  Oy!

  • Bob Clark

    Organization skills go to Romney, and also to Ron Paul cult followers.  Gingrich hasn’t had enough organizational heft to overcome Romney.  He and one other candidate even failed to get on the Virginia ballot because of lack of organizational heft.

    Problem for Romney he doesn’t bring a passionate persona and message to oust Obama, and so, it will come down to how well the economy performs over the next six to ten months.  I am optimistic the economy will actually grow as expected in the 2% or better range, and I’ve even put a few dollars down on the beginnings of a housing recovery domestically.  Maybe if Romney puts Cristie on the ticket he might be able to pickup a stronger message of leaner government.

    GOP needs to focus its resources on retaking the Senate, as the number of open Democrat Incumbent seats sharply exceeds those of the GOP.

    • Anonymous

      Federal Reserve cultists always refer to Ron Paul supporters as cults.  Perhaps all y’all who do so prefer to remain in servitude to the Federal Reserve (by whom you vote for and leave in office) could be referred to as groupies, begging to be further enslaved.  Or, perhaps, Federal Reserve S & M’ers is a better term?

      • valley person

        Federal reserve cultists? I guess any institution could be turned into a cult. But retaining institutions that work, and that the entire economy depends on hardly takes a suspension of good judgment. On the other hand, thinking we can manage a modern economy without a central bank is mroe than a little out of the mainstream.

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