Colorado recalls: voter polling that matters


by Dan Lucas

There was some shoddy journalism in The Oregonian and Statesman Journal earlier this week that allowed a very partisan gun background check poll to be passed along without revealing the partisan nature of the polling firm or the partisan nature of the organization that commissioned the poll.

Part of that poll was aimed at trying to intimidate members of the Oregon Legislature, with this question “If the state legislators who represent you oppose the background checks bill, will you be more or less likely to vote for them in the 2014 election, or does it not make a difference either way?”

If Oregon legislators want some real-world voter polling on gun control, they should look to the recent recall elections in Colorado.

The same partisan firm that conducted the recent Oregon poll, Public Policy Polling (PPP), also conducted a poll in Colorado last month, in December 2013. The Colorado poll said that 73% of Colorado voters supported “requiring background checks for all gun buyers.”

And yet, just a few months earlier in September, Colorado voters recalled two Democratic senators who had voted for unpopular gun control measures – including “universal background checks”. They were the first state lawmakers in Colorado state history to ever be recalled, and one of the Democratic senators recalled was the Senate President. Both were replaced by Republicans.

The two were recalled despite being from overwhelmingly Democratic districts and despite Democrats outspending Republicans by more than 5-to-1 in the recall elections.

Then last November, a third Democratic Colorado state senator resigned to avoid a recall election for her anti-gun votes. Her resignation allowed Democrats to hang on to the seat – a Republican win in the recall election would have given Republicans control of the Colorado Senate.

How’s that for voter polling?

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  • Jack Lord God

    These polls are intended for one thing and one thing only – to keep those who support anti second amendment activities from questioning whether their efforts are really the right solution.

    Over the past two decades we have seen a sea change in gun laws and ownership. For one, women started buying guns in a market that had been totally male. For another states started passing shall issue carry laws.

    Even Canada gave up and had to admit their massive gun registration scheme was wildly expensive and hadn’t done a damn thing to solve or prevent crime, they abolished it.

    All of these, massive increases in concealed carry, women taking their safety into their own hands was supposed to lead to Dodge City with a gun fight breaking out every time someone dropped a tray in the cafeteria.

    Yet none of that happened.

    So, if people start thinking about it too much, they will likely conclude that maybe anti 2A groups like the Brady Bunch simply are wrong.

    Therefore – let’s keep having these polls so the average person is lead to believe “well everybody supports that sort of gun control” and they don’t question it.

    In other words – the polls are simply another version of “well, 105% of scientists believe global warming is man made”. The idea is, get you believing a gigantic majority believes one way, so you don’t think about it too much and simply go along.

  • Bob Clark

    The Oregonian and Statesman along with most mainstream news media lost their credibility decades ago, and so, it’s more what sells with the populace. I was in a tour group recently where a mom from San Diego opined how it is so unreasonable not to ban guns altogether. Emotion over-riding reality. Gun bans don’t stop mass killings, as the bad guys will get their hands on a gun no matter the law. The good thing about arming U.S. citizens is the government may have to respect its citizenry a bit more than otherwise.

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