Dennis Richardson wins first debate

Dennis Richardson 2013_thb

Dennis Richardson for Governor

Salem, OR – State Representative and candidate for Governor Dennis Richardson delivered a commanding win in his first debate with John Kitzhaber at the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association Convention.

“I’m grateful to the ONPA for hosting this event, and for the opportunity to have a frank and honest conversation with Governor Kitzhaber about the downward spiral our state has taken under his leadership.”

During the debate, Richardson argued against an unprecedented fourth term for Kitzhaber.

“The Governor is not tuned in to governing. He’s not paying attention. And his list of failures proves it… I know what Oregon families are going through, and I can help.”

When asked directly to explain the $300 million in taxpayer dollars that were wasted on Cover Oregon, Kitzhaber refused to admit responsibility, “I just don’t accept the premise that all those dollars were wasted.”

The panel also addressed the controversial issues related to SAIF. Kitzhaber’s response again bordered on the absurd.

“One of the responsibilities of this job is to know when to jump in and when not to jump in,” Kitzhaber noted.

Richardson pointed out that an important time to “jump in” may have been before the failed launch of the Cover Oregon web site.

“Oregon’s Prosperity Engine runs on two things: A strong economy and a world-class education system. Lately it hasn’t been firing on all cylinders. The Governor’s been AWOL and when he’s here, he’s distracted. It’s time to prioritize a healthy economy and robust public education system.”

Watch part one of the debate on Oregonlive

Watch part two of the debate on Oregonlive

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  • Marvin

    I don’t think we can blame John for the cover Oregon fiasco. These websites are hard to build and very complicated. John is not a programmer. How can we blame him if these people he hired could not do their jobs? It is simply not fair.
    He should be re-elected so he can fix the problems….

    • guest

      Please, Jayne Cease your delineations Marvin-elous!
      Kitzhaber, after 3 at bat strike outs doesn’t deserve another round of guffaws!

    • Cory Liberty

      The facts don’t Lie. We create 10,000 jobs a year and graduate 50,000 students? You do the math ( If you can)

  • Bob Clark

    I should think Dennis Richardson would be a significant improvement over the command-and-control governance of the last 25 years, and most especially that of Kitzhaber.

    Unfortunately, Dennis doesn’t have much name recognition and without such name recognition, he is having difficulty raising campaign funds. The Oregon GOP really needed to push a candidate with state wide name recognition right out of the gate. After all, Dudley lost by only a small fraction in 2010; and he can’t even hold a candle to Dennis Richardson’s government experience.

    It gets real depressing when Andrew Miller, Simpson Timber barron, is giving money to Kitzhaber, abandoning his normally conservative principles. Probably is a case of hedging your business risks.

    • guest

      Unfortunately, seems so!

      Yet what’s best for all is to rally for Dennis Richardson – right for Oregon since Vic Atiyeh.

      Asserted: Richardson may not be as ‘name recognizable’ as Dem bright stars [michael moorelike red giants ‘too’ many], nee, Goldschmidt, Roberts, Kitzhaber, Kulongoski and Kitzhaber-chagrin again?

      Alas, in what a void ought we remain, should the citizenry vote for more of the inane!

      Please, for the sake of commoner sense, dispatch Kitz off the Cylvania campus – replete with a tickets to take an end run aboard Logan’s carousel.

  • larryscheib

    it sounds like the website will be used in 2016 just not now. Also how many more Oregonians are covered thanks to the current governor; would have been a lot less with a republican in charge.

    • Granola girl

      What is your proof on that??

      • larryscheib

        oh, it is easy to compare blue states vs red states on insurance. I applied in both Texas and Oregon because of dual residency and Oregon had an incredible outreach program whereas Texas had nothing. There was no comparison on outreach and effectiveness. Also, Cover Oregon is to decide today on how it will be managed going forward. But all signs is that the website will be available in 2016.

  • CherryAnn1000

    Despite some sites claiming K1 has a double-digit lead, I think not. I think Dennis is exactly what we need to finally, after 30 years of Dim rule, get this state back on the path to recovery. Anyone wasting a vote on Kitz is just advocating more of the status quo, and four more years of this loser will once and for all destroy this state. I think we can do better.

  • Jack Lord God

    Should Kitzhaber win, and I will be stunned if he doesn’t, you can comprehend about half the votes. These would be public employee unions and their family members. These folks make out very well under Democrat rule, so it is purely in their self interest to continue the status quo.

    What is incomprehensible are those without vested interest who would vote for more of the same of this crap. The absolute idiocy of Cover Oregon and the CRC aside, does anyone seriously think Oregon has been making great strides? There is literally no metric out there by which you can say Oregon as a whole is moving forward. Is our education system better? Job growth or outlook? How about roads and infrastructure? Getting better or decaying?

    Kitzhaber winning will be a result that says a lot more about the populace of Oregon than it will his abilities at governance.

    • MrBill

      Sadly you’re probably right. Nonetheless surprises happen from time to time and no one runs to lose. I think this race is very winnable by Richardson.

  • larryscheib

    “A D.C. court ruled that tax subsidies central to Obamacare can only be provided in states that have set up their own exchanges, not the three dozen states using the federal exchange.” Oregon has no choice but to fix it.

    • guest

      The ACA should be scrapped. Start anew with a plan that that makes sense, not mounds of nonsense rife for amendments from the get go. Too, remember the dog and pony show political sock puppets responsible for the fiasco, especially mental midgets like Nancy Pelosi, paraphrase – vote in favor before reading the act, fix problems later. Ha! . .

      • larryscheib

        Republicans have had decades to come up with an alternative but preferred that the US remain the 37 ranked healthcare system in the world but the the country with the number 1 rank in expenditures. I’ve worked years with the AMA and insurance companies and if ACA did anything it has kick these two groups in the *(*%^.

        • Beacon Bard

          Sorely, your belie-floppor arrives short of the runway like the SFO bleak-show.

        • guest

          Blah, blah larryschieb bard, butt, there’s no denying you’re thinking national healthcare is a Constitutional entitlement when it’s already gone to pot and then sum.

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