Ryan wins VP debate

by NW Spotlight

Ryan on Obama: speeches but not leadership

The Daily Caller is reporting that polls and media talking heads say that Paul Ryan won the VP debate, but also give credit to VP Joe Biden for doing enough to revive “Democratic morale following the disastrous Oct. 3 presidential debate.”

A CNBC poll said that 56% thought Ryan won, and 36% thought Biden won.

A CNN poll had 48% thinking that Paul Ryan won, and 44% thinking Joe Biden won.

More CNN poll results:

  • 28% said the VP debate made them more likely to vote for Romney and 21% said it made them  more likely to vote for Obama
  • Biden overcame low expectations: 55% said Biden did better than expected, and 51% said Ryan did better than expected.
  • 50% said Ryan expressed himself better to 41% for Biden
  • 53% said Ryan was more likable to 43% for Biden
  • Ryan had a slight advantage on being more in touch with the problems of average Americans

The Daily Caller noted that “even Democrats complimented Ryan’s performance, saying he was presidential, informed, reassuring and likable.”

Many were critical of Biden’s demeanor, including CNN’s Gloria Borger, who said that Biden’s demeanor was “condescending.”

In the debate, Ryan was critical of Obama’s failure of leadership on budgets and deficits, saying “That’s what we get in this administration – speeches. But we’re not getting leadership.”