Wave building against Portland School Tax Measure 26-121

Several different groups are working against the massive Portland School Property Tax Measure 26-121.

1. Lawn Signs
2. Portland Rally this Wednesday
3. Oregonian Editorial Board asks for No Vote
4. How to help.

1. The Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC has No on Measure 26-121 lawn signs.
— If you would like a “No on 26-121” sign or would like to know where to pick one up you can email TAO-PAC at [email protected]  Please include an email and phone number so they can contact you.   

2. The folks at Good Growth NW are doing a downtown rally at City Hall.
Here are the details:
Vote NO On PPS TAX: Demonstration At Portland City Hall
Wed. April 27,  11:30 to 1:30
“It’s NOT About Kids. It’s About Adult Mismanagement Of Public Funds”
Visit their website here.

3. Oregonian Newspaper comes out against Portland School Tax Measure 26-121.

“…The bond represents a considerable burden in a community where taxpayers are still digging out from a recession and struggling with city taxes and utility bills that seem to rise unchecked. The median homeowner with a house valued at $275,000 and assessed at $145,000 would pay about $290 per year for the new bond — and that’s on top of the local-option levy.In this fragile economy, the combined tax hit is simply too high.”
Read Full Editorial here.

4. If you want to help to stop taxes increases both local, state and federal level.
You can donate to the larger cause online by going to OregonWatchdog.

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  • Bob Clark

    Did anyone notice in this past Saturday’s “Straight Talk” show on KGW how Multnomah Chair Cogen was rather animated; for example, waving his hands as he talked pleadingly in support of the two school tax measures? His nervous energy kind of reminded me of some folks who have an addiction. In his case, I’d say it’s an addiction for spending ever larger sums of public monies. One person I heard at another debate forum said if voters pass these two huge school tax increases it would be akin to giving a cocaine addict crack cocaine. After watching this past Saturday’s debate, I can see his point more vividly.

    And as to Cogen’s construction cost comparisons:
    Portland Public Schools (PPS) isn’t competing with the Seattle school district nearly as much as it is competing with Portland suburb and the Vancouver school districts. PPS and our local government leaders need to find a more economical way to build and teach our children than it proposes in these two bloated school tax measures. Multnomah will have the highest property tax rates in Oregon if these two measures pass. The 2000 to 2010 census shows folks bypassing the city of Portland and Multnomah county for Washington, Clackamas and Clark counties. The relatively high cost of living and the relatively more government-restricting-business-environment in Multnomah are probably chief reasons.

    The Seattle school district is also a bad comparison because incomes are much higher than those in Multnomah and the PPS district ($13k per year greater or so). If Seattle wants to rebuild with the highest of LEED (“green”) standards, it’s because they can much more afford such conspicuous consumption than the citizens in the PPS district. In essesnce, Seattle can afford to buy a new Mercedes Benz, and this shouldn’t be considered bad. Most families can be just as happy and productive driving a Honda Civic or Ford Taurus.

  • Ron Swaren

    I guess we all know that old, antiquated buildings are bad for education. Look at how poorly Harvard students do! Then our own Reedies, trying to cope with hundred year old structures; bunch of retards! Don’t even get me started on Oxford U.

    • valley person

      Ron, Harvard is the best endowed university in the nation, and every building has probably been modernized to the nines. Reed also is awash in capital and has upgraded just about everything on that campus. Oxford may be tattered for all I know, so 1 out of 3 isn’t bad.

      • eaop

        What a do’h bawl! Surly you behest Varmint Personality!

  • just doing the math

    And if you watch the Rose City Park video you will notice that same manic,
    animated and drug glazed look on the for the bond speaker’s face. The inability
    to provide answers to many of the questions from the audience. The whining
    and begging and using children as tools to get what they want. The inability
    to examine or even listen to other ways of generating revenue (selling some
    of the unused school property?). I liked Lindsey’s? comment on the Straight
    Talk show. Young families will not be able to afford to live in Portland. Wouldn’t
    you think that is what PPS would want? Young families with children? Oh, but remember, they are addicts who have lost the ability to think rationally.

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