Thoughts on Republican Presidential Debate

By NW Spotlight

Best performers of the CNN Republican Presidential Debate were Mitt Romney & Tim Pawlenty. Both candidates had quality intelligent answers and fresh responses. Romney had the best unscripted line of the debate when he announced that the US was leading Canada 4-0 in the hockey game finals that was going at the same time of the debate (it was the biggest crowd pleaser line of the night).  Michelle Bachmann: Bachmann handled herself very well sounding experienced and comfortably conservative — and being the only women in the GOP race added a very human quality to the debate (the GOP needs more).   Newt Gingrich: Those hoping Newt would stumble after a month from campaign hell  were likely disappointed as Newt delivered in true form a very mastery of the issues — it was good to have him on stage.   Herman Cain: The candidate who is the most free to speak his mind did not take advantage of it.  His defense of his prior statement that he would not feel comfortable hiring a Muslim in his administration was a low point.   Ron Paul: The most articulate libertarian in America. Rick Santorum: Did a fine job and not an ounce more.

What are your thoughts?