Allen Alley may join GOP Chair battle. Tiernan undecided.

By NW Spotlight,

In just a few weeks the Oregon Republican Party will be voting for a State Republican Chair to lead the state party.  There is an independent push to get former governor candidate Allen Alley  run for State Chair and supporters have set up a Facebook account  (See Allen Alley for State GOP Chair ).   Allen Alley is a potent statewide campaigner and fundraiser.

Current chair, Bob Tiernan, has yet to decide if he will run for re-election which has added great drama to the upcoming race.   Before the GOP state election, there is a national GOP Chair election that is hotly contested with many challengers trying to unseat current chair Michael Steele.   Tiernan has had success at taking a very bruised state party after the 2008 election defeat and has been effective at raising funds and conducting Get-out-the-vote efforts during the 2010 elections.    This makes for an interesting and competitive 2011 election.