The Truth About Santa Claus

Do you believe in Santa Claus? By the time many people think they are too old to believe in Santa Claus, they have unwittingly come to believe in another one””a figurative Santa Claus that goes by the name of “welfare state,” or “big government.” But Santa would be insulted by the comparison.

The real Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas, a fourth-century bishop who used his own inheritance to anonymously alleviate the suffering of those less fortunate than he, particularly children and poor women. This reputation led to his being associated with giving surprise gifts at Christmas.

The mystique of Santa Claus is all about giving, not entitlement. Santa Claus is about the magic of the serendipitous, the unexpected miracle, the abundance of goodness unleashed in the world when we choose generosity and compassion over selfishness and entitlement.

Santa isn’t about getting; he’s about giving. And when we take it upon ourselves as family members, neighbors and citizens to give a hand to those around us, we’ll be less tempted to pass our responsibilities onto the government or expect it to solve all our problems. And we’ll be less likely to think only about what we can get””from our family, our neighbors or the state.

Merry Christmas!

Kathryn Hickok is Publications Director, Development Coordinator, and Director of the Children’s Scholarship Fund-Portland at Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s premier free market think tank.

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  • Jerry

    A VERY positive message at Christmastime. Thanks very much Kathryn.
    Merry Christmas to all!!!

  • Alan

    based on that, I guess I am re-believing in Santa.

  • Anonymous

    I think you forgot to do your research. If you had you would have found that there is no valid evidence to indicate that St. Nicholas ever existed as a human. In fact, there are quite a few indicators that his life story was simply recycled from those of Pagan gods. Many other ancient Pagan gods and goddesses were similarly Christianized in the early centuries of the Church. His legends seems to have been mainly created out of myths attributed to the Greek God Poseidon, the Roman God Neptune, and the Teutonic God Hold Nickar. “In the popular imagination [of many Russians] he became the heir of Mikoula, the god of harvest, ‘who will replace God, when God becomes too old.’ ”

    I suggest instead of recycling lies you research something before writing about it next time.

    • Jerry

      In the true spirit of St. Nicholas I will not call accuse you of recycling lies, as you so cheaply did above, but will inform you that it is, in fact, a myth that he did NOT exist.

      There is ample and clear evidence that he did exist.

      There is, however, no evidence that he did not.

      You are simply mindlessly quoting something unfounded that was told to you or read by you.

      How easily you seem to be tricked.

      You most likely believe in man-made global warming, too.

      Merry Christmas!!

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