Remember Newt’s Contract with America?

By: Gienie Assink

Because the New Congress has failed to meet voter expectations and now
has approval ratings lower than President Bush, a citizen-led movement
is now afoot making every effort to pull together a new national
coalition striving to discover new goals for change with in the local
and federal governments.

Concerned citizens are presently implementing a political, grassroots
movement known as American Solutions, and are working tirelessly
towards improving leadership. The goal is to create a positive change
concerning significant issues in which local communities struggle to

On September 29th, political activists and concerned citizens across
America will engage in a national town hall known as “Solutions Day”.
Newt Gingrich and his team have organized this nonpartisan effort in
order to develop solutions incorporating action steps for American
voters to employ upon their local government and its leadership.

The idea is to hold a series of workshops striving to take back the
increasingly monolithic, bureaucratic government by making leadership
more responsive and accountable to voters. Workshop topics include
education reform, social security reform, and tax reform”¦to name a

Overall this movement is a perfect opportunity to get involved and
evoke change in the local leadership as well as the failing government
system voters are currently forced to abide by”¦ particularly on
issues that hit so close to home.

Newt Gingrich and the American Solutions movement are asking
Americans to openly identify what they expect from their government in
order to effectively restore basic American values like life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness… principles established by our forefathers
through our Nations’ Constitution.

Such a new, popular political movement that asks for fundamental
transformation must focus on all 511,000+ elected officials from
school boards to county commissions, to city councils to state
legislatures, and on into the federal offices.

Here in Oregon, Team Leader Bob Avery is looking for vigorous, enthusiastic
folks who can work in a nonpartisan structure and propose necessary
changes on a national and local level. It is a critical time in our
country’s history to take back the control of our government and
create a new vision.

Avery explains, “Americans are overwhelmingly demanding transformation
in both Washington, DC and in Oregon. The old Red vs. Blue will not
accomplish the changes needed. Our country works best when “We the
People” truly work together to generate solutions for the challenges
of today.”

For years American politics has been dominated by forces that promote
increased government bureaucracies, anti-business groups who favor
administrators over entrepreneurs, and prefer redistribution to
economic growth–all while denying the American value of cherishing
individual liberty.

These forces have made efforts to secularize American culture,
rejecting the lessons of American civilization, and fearing America
more than her enemies. Creating a new fundamental replacement of the
intellectual structure and policies will take an even more robust
intellectual effort.

Ronald Reagan said, “”¦our message should be five simple familiar
words. No big economic theories. No sermons on political philosophy.
Just five short words: family, work, neighborhood, freedom, and

Participation requires commitment from anyone who is truly concerned
about his or her community and country. The purpose is clear; the
goals are attainable, but only if citizens are willing to move forward
and take mandatory action.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and take our local communities into a
positive direction. History is made by those who choose to show up and
participate in new movements like American Solutions.

Contact Oregon Director, Bob Avery at [email protected] for more information.

You can also visit and sign up to attend a workshop near you.