2008 Taxpayer Awards: Nominations open to the public!

The 2008 Taxpayer Awards are near!!!! Because the Taxpayer Association loves direct democracy, we open the nominations to the public. So please post a comment nominating for any of the open catagories. See last year’s Awards show here.


Thomas Jefferson Award:
Awarded to Oregonians for advancing the principles of individual liberty and limited government in 2007.

Wiener Politician Award:
The most obnoxious, cowardly, or reckless elected official.

Pork Barrel Project :
The worst example of government waste.

Bureaucratic Bungler :
The worst example of government regulation, bureaucracy, or mistake

Golden Schnoz Award :
Best example of government sticking its nose in other people’s business.

Government Innovation Award :
Best example of government cost-savings or successful program

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  • Jerry

    The Wiener Politician Award would have to go, hands down, to Governor Ted. He fits the bill in every one of your categories – hands down.

    He will go into the history books as the worst governor in the history of Oregon. He can do nothing right.

  • Anonymous

    Pork Barrel Project. The City of Bends Spends $500,000+ on Bad Busses after the City’s mechanic tells them not to.


    Golden Schnoz: Randy Leonard throwing a wrench is the counties negotiations by offering the ESD employees union $300,000 of the cities money. Way to go Randy!

    Bureaucratic Bungler : Measure 50 brought to you by the liberal Oregon legislature.

    Wiener Politician Award:Jeff Merkely or Ben Westlund

    Pork Barrel Project : The Tram or Trolley, take your pick.

    Government Innovation Award : Returning the kicker to the taxpayers.

    Thomas Jefferson Award: ?

  • Gullyborg

    TJ Award: I nominate Jason Atkinson, for his impassioned floor speeches on cutting taxes and protecting private property rights.

  • devietro

    The tram is a good idea for pork project BUT the Metro-Fi thing is a good option too. I would suggest giving the Wiener award to the entirety of the Oregon Legislature, this means both parties.

  • Michael G

    My government innovation nomination: the crew behind Measure 49, which will save us all hundreds of millions of dollars in costly sewers, roads, infrastructure, schools and the like, from unplanned sprawl.


    I may have to change my pork barrel vote, the incompetent company that’s building the hotel on top of the Macy’s building now want public money to cover the cost overruns………..estimated between 3 and 16.9 million. Anyone want to guess that once they get that much they’ll need more?

  • Michael G

    Pork Barrel: $50,000 by City of Portland for bleachers during the Rose Festival.

    Government Innovation: ODF? and ODOT for the lives government saved by predicting last night’s mudslide on Highway 30.


      I’ll give ODOT credit on a great job!

      • dean

        CD…it was a state department of forestry geo technical engineer, presumably educated at our fine PUBLIC schools and universities, taught by union teachers, investigating a slide that apparently orignated on PRIVATE timberlands, and may have been at least in part caused by logging and/or faulty private road construction.

        He may not even have been able to be on those private lands were it not for our regulatory system on private forestry, another dang government program that interferes with “property rights.” y the way, the timber industry fought like hell to preserve its right to log landslide prone slopes.

        So the ODF fellow should get the GOLDEN SCHNOZ award as well.

        • CRAWDUDE

          Even a blind hog finds a root every now and then.

          • CRAWDUDE

            J/K he did a good job…………………….are we sure he was a product of the Oregon educational system though? He sounds more like a Minnesotan to me…..

          • dean

            I think he is from Iowa. Great public schools ssytem there too by the way. Go Cyclones.

          • CRAWDUDE

            Lol, you’re not even a Hawkeye! Not that my 1-10 Gophers are anything to hang my hat on this year!

        • Anonymous

          ya think maybe THE RAIN AND WIND from an extremely rare storm had a little more to do with the slide than logging or roads?!?!?

          • dean

            Well, it is Oregon. It rains, we have mountains, and we are subject to the laws of gravity even though science has never actually proved that gravity exists. I mean…have you ever seen a picture of gravity?

            We don’t know yet whether the Clatskanie slide was a result of nature alone or whether recent logging contributed to it. We do know from past research that logging and road building on steep headwall creeks in the coast range raises the risk, frequncy, and magnitude of slides due to loss of root strength holding the soil in place.

            Oh…and the wind? I’ve never heard of wind causing a landslide. Have you? And what do you mean by “extremely rare”? As in every few years?

  • Sybella

    Give our illustrious governor kudos for winning the Wiener Politician Award. This Governor is led around by his——nose.

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