President Obama flip-flops on tax breaks for corporate jets

by NW Spotlight

In his press conference last week, President Obama made numerous references to corporate-jet owners, including this challenge to Republicans “You go talk to your constituents…and ask them, are they willing to compromise their kids’ safety so that some corporate-jet owner continues to get a tax break?”

The problem is, it’s President Obama’s corporate-jet owner tax break. President Obama gave it to corporations in his 2009 stimulus package and again when he signed the 2010 Small Business Lending Fund Act.

But based on his press conference last Wednesday, it sounds like President Obama no longer supports his tax breaks for corporate-jet owners. In fact, it appears that now he’s trying to hide the fact that he gave those tax breaks to corporations, and he’s trying to blame his actions on the Republicans. Unfortunately for President Obama, it wasn’t Republicans. It was Democrats who controlled the US Senate and the US House and the White House when President Obama gave those tax breaks to corporate-jet owners – twice.

Early into his re-election campaign, the President who won election on a platform of blame, may be running into difficulties now that he has a record to contend with.


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