Lars Larson: Tea Party trusted as much as the President

I really didn’t think the President would listen to the Tea Partier but this is ridiculous. He was obviously ready to disparage them at the drop of a hat. He dismissed them as just rabble in the street and folks that ought to be saying “thank you” to him for raising their taxes.

Well, President Obama, you are going to get your come-up-ins in this one. The Tea Partiers are now liked as much as the American public likes you.

I know it is two different groups but a brand new poll says 28% of Americans want the President to lead the way. The Tea Party is trusted to lead the way by 27%.

What does that tell you, when an American president in office for two years has approval ratings and ratings for “leading the way” at about the same level as a political movement that’s only been under way for under a year?

It says to me that America wants something different, and it isn’t Barack Hussein Obama.

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