Defending Jack Bogdanski and blog privacy rights

By NW Spotlight,

Portland #1 critic, Jack Bogdanski of the famous BoJack blog has come under fire for featuring proposed floor plans for a new Portland U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement center. The plans were leaked and given to Jack and he posted it on his website Once the police got involved because of the private information Jack did the right thing by removing the images. Now the debate moves toward whether authorities will require a blog to disclose its sources — something Bogdanski does not plan to do. Bloggers should have the same privacy protections as other media. Since Bogdanski is working with authorities by removing the floor plans, he is showing how web media and government authorities can work together. It must be remembered that sometimes newspapers publish information that is not publically authorized for distribution.

Because Bogdanski is also a college professor he may be under greater pressure to release private information. Instead, it can provide an example that blogger privacy rights extend to all Oregonians.   I hope other Oregon bloggers feel the same and will support Jack Bogdanski.