Oregon Senate Republicans fought for jobs

by NW Spotlight

Senate Republicans had to rely on creativity to overcome being the minority party

Despite being in the minority this session, Oregon Senate Republicans fought hard to try to create over 20,000 new jobs for Oregon. They were blocked in most of their efforts by the Democratic majority.

One of the ways Senate Republicans tried to overcome the job-blocking Democrats was to make their case directly to Oregonians. They created a series of “info graphic” posters to explain how their proposals would create jobs by letting Oregon farmers have access to their share of Columbia River water for irrigation (over 16,000 jobs), reign in government rules on Oregon employers, harvest diseased areas of state forests & end artificially low harvest of state forests (4,300 jobs), reform PERS and create state savings to stabilize funding WITHOUT taking the kicker.

Senate Republicans will be working towards the 2012 elections to establish a job-friendly Republican majority in the Oregon Senate.

Senate Republican “info graphic” posters:

click on the underlined poster names to view the full-sized poster

Use Columbia River water to create jobs

Ease Oregon’s Burden on Job Creators

Sustainable jobs

Lower family healthcare premiums

PERS Reform

Stability Fund Without Taking the Kicker