How bureaucracy sinks businesses, jobs

Courtesy of the Senate Republican Office

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  • valley person

    Many new rules are proposed by business groups themselves. Does the moratorium include these, or only those proposed by other groups, such as environmentalists and labor?

    • Gotcha222

      Document ‘these’, troll…put up or shut up.

      • Valley person

        Just about every professional and semi-professional association under the sun has lobbied the legislature to create license and practice requirements, from hairdressers to doctors and engineers. These regs are backed fully by the businesses that are regulated. My own profession requires me to carry a license. That requirement was not created because legislators or bureaucrats initiated it, but because businesses did.

        Now its your cue to call me names again, since you can’t manage to construct an argument.

        • Gotcha222

          Troll, you expose yourself with every word.

          You obfuscate by criticizing and continuing to engage & belittle me, when it is YOU that can’t construct an argument. And, once again, you fail to address the issue by failing to document even ONE example, even feigning cowardice at not even explaining ‘your profession’s license’ and how that relates to the posting on which you chose to ‘try’ to dazzle us with your brilliant commentary . Your amateurish attempt to write authoritatively fails time & again. Is the print on that online diploma on the wall beginning to lift?

          It is here for all to behold, Ms. “spend down capital”…

          • Valley person

            No, I gave you dozens of examples instead of one, from the Board of Accountancy to the Wine Board. But do you want others? When was the last time the banking industry asked to end the FDIC? When has the nuclear power industry lobbied against NEC inspections? The timber industry right here in Oregon was behind creation of the Oregon forest practices act that required reforestation after clearcutting among other burdens on individual property owners. The ag industry supported a bill that forced themselves to keep their soil out of our water. Wake up dude. Industries want government to save them from themselves and their brethren. Its been that way at least since the 1930s. Private industry likes regulations that stifle competition or prevent them from giving themselves a black eye. They dislike regulations that force them to pay their workers a decent wage or clean up their pollution beyond the minimum people will tolerate.

            Don’t blame me if you feel belittled. I have yet to call you a name or question your education level. Try making an actual counter-argument. It might make you feel better about yourself. Or not.

          • Gotcha222

            Don’t try to transmit your emotional baggage on me. You ignore when cornered & obfuscate when you can’t engage.

            Your condescending tone does not detract that your are, in fact, a Troll.

            Again, it was YOU that chose to run away from an argument, Miss ‘spend down capital’. THAT exposed you for what you are. You may feel warm & comfy behind that laptop, empowered by the misguided notion that trolling conservative blogs serves the liberal cause, but your posts expose a narcissistic tendency: Do you obsessively return to read all the replies to your comments? I believe so.

            Feel? I feel empowered, honey. Whenever I engage a liberal and they run away like some sort of cryptorchid (as you have) & come back flailing in absolute desperation to be recognized in some disjointed effort to elevate above the cowardice, well…there are several psychological terms that describe that condition.
            One is ‘liberalism’. People need only look to regional & national politicians to know that truth.

            You can repeat it as often as you choose, but the fact remains YOU ran away and, yes, YOU lost the right to debate.

            Flail away, troll.

          • valley person

            Oy vez .

  • Fatandhappy

    Oregon is very business friendly. Look at all the jobs we have. Most states would give anything to be us.
    We are the kings!

  • Founding Fathers

    How about we do away with this government regulation: The limitation of liability of corporate owners to their investment. Make corporate owners 100% accountable for the misdeeds of the companies they own.

  • Founding Fathers

    How about we do away with this government regulation: The limitation of liability of corporate owners to their investment. Make corporate owners 100% accountable for the misdeeds of the companies they own.

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