Poll: Oregonians pessimism grows. Liberalism cited.

A Bob Moore Poll below, full link here.


Top five reasons:
Too many Liberals/Democrats 10%
Education/schools 9%
Condition of government/decision making process 9%
Irresponsible spending 9%
Taxes 9%

Below is the Bob Moore press release in its own words:

The mood of Oregon voters has not changed since January 2007. Today, 43% of voters say things in the state are headed in the “right direction,” while 45% say things are off on the “wrong track” and 12% have no opinion.

There are some notable differences in voter mood by subgroup. Regionally, optimism prevails in Multnomah County, but voters in Washington and Clackamas Counties are divided and pessimism prevails elsewhere in the state. Democrats, particularly Democrat men, are optimistic today (55%/30%), as are Independents (51%/36%), but Republicans are not happy (24%/68%).

Efforts to explore the issues driving negativity among Oregon voters today did not reveal any one single issue responsible for this sentiment. Rather, voters who told us things are off on the wrong track offer a wide variety of reasons for feeling that way.

Too many Liberals/Democrats 10%
Education/schools 9%
Condition of government/decision making process 9%
Irresponsible spending 9%
Taxes 9%
Economy/business development 6%
Irresponsible/unqualified politicians 5%
Illegal immigrants 4%
Gay civil rights 4%
Health care concerns 3%
Environmental issues 3%

This Moore Insight contains results of a telephone survey by Moore Information, Inc., December 8-9, 2007, among a representative sample of 500 voters statewide in Oregon. Potential sampling error is plus or minus 4% at the 95% confidence level. Pessimism is Fueled by a Variety of Issues “Why do you say things are off on the wrong track?” (N=227)

full link here.

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    Too bad this doesn’t seem to be their beliefs around election time 🙁

  • Jeff

    I’m surprised that Illegal Aliens are so low.


      Yet higher than healthcare and environmental issues. What people don’t seem to grasp is that the 500 million to 1 billion dollars of tax money spent on benefits for illegals every year exasterbate the other poblems they choose.

      491 million spent on illegal children education, that’s a lot of extra money that could be used to better educate Oregonian children.

      Irresponsible spend……….one good example : spending money for benefits to illegals.

      Taxes, they are higher to pay for benefits to illegals.

      Ilegally hiring aliens and not American citizens adversly affects our economy.

      Until illegal alien variable is removed from the equation we will never be able to correctly manage most of the problems.

  • William Neuhauser


    Graphs show considerable improvement in “right direction” since the 2006 elections put Democrats in control in Oregon and the US congress.

  • Don

    That is one of the most poorly written polls I have ever seen. I mean answers like “Too many Liberals/Democrats” are biased, at least without a corresponding answer that there are “Too many Conservatives/Republicans”. He also provides no cross-tabs like reputable pollsters like Zogby, Survey USA and even the Republican Strategic Vision so its hard to tell whether the sample he surveyed represents a valid sampling of the state.

  • Smokin D.

    What a joke of a poll. I can’t believe a source as reputable as O.C. would promote such garbage.

  • John Fairplay

    If you think Bob Moore polls are a “joke” you MUST be smokin’ doobie.

    There may have been a “too many conservatives/republicans” answer, but no one chose it.

  • Don

    If it’s viable, then Moore should have published his cross-tabs (which he never does) to show that he sampled properly.

  • Bill Sizemore

    Open-ended questions are a common polling technique. Under this system, those being polled are not given options. They provide their own answers to questions. This is an expensive way to poll, but more revealing than a poll with a limited universe of answers from which the person must choose.

    Cross tabs are far too lengthly and extensive to publish for public consumption, unless you want to publish a book. But there should be no doubt but that Moore used a sound scientific sample. He always does. He is a very reputable pollster and would not risk his reputation by publishing a biased poll.

    If you stop and think about it, why would people say we are going the wrong direction because there are too many conservative Republicans. That would be a nonsensical answer, because there are not too many conservative Republicans. Liberal Democrats control the state.

    • Don

      Yes but he could at least give us some basic info like how many men/women, D/R/Is he polled as a validity test. Any decent pollster will do that even if they don’t do cross-tabs.

      • CRAWDUDE

        Don, I have a feeling no matter what info. you got it wouldn’t be enough for ya.

  • Jerry

    Right on Bill!
    These wacked out left wingers sure have me worried. And I did not get a call from the pollsters.

    It is interesting to note that all of the top worries are areas of government that the Dems are supposed to have all the answers for and are supposed to be able to take care of.

  • Steven

    Can you imagine if you were left, right, middle or somewhere in between, not having to worry about government? We have the power and technology to do it and could make it happen in our life time. Less government is the best government. Reduce the government by 10% a year and privatize in increments. The savings from the reduction would pay for many needed programs and incentives for the few that do govern properly. The will of the people would be truly followed.

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