A Thank You From Dorchester!

Dorchester XLII was an incredible success. We appreciate the participation of over 600 delegates who helped make the conference’s 42nd year one of our best attended.

From the opening gavel on Friday night until the close of the conference on Sunday it was encouraging to hear so many people talking about change and a brighter tomorrow here in Oregon.

Attendees had great discussions on a variety of issues and heard excellent speeches from many of our state’s leaders. We appreciate the excellent dialogue delegates engaged in. Every issue has two sides and everyone had the chance to be heard. It was a great exercise in democracy.

A special thanks also goes to the folks here at OregonCatalyst who kept those of you on the internet informed. One pitch though, get out from behind your computer screen and join us in Seaside next year (March 2-4, 2007) at Dorchester XLIII!

Rick Thomas
President, Dorchester XLII