Morse gives new life for government accountability measure

From Senate Republican Office 12/20/07:

A bill to hold state agencies and government programs accountable for resources and results will work its way through the legislature again this February, this time with hope of the Governor’s signature. Senate Bill 1039, a similar performance excellence and continuous improvement bill introduced by Senator Frank Morse (R-Albany) last session, passed the legislature in 2007 with only one dissenting vote but fell victim to the Governor’s veto pen.

“I think we have reached a solution that will help government achieve higher standards of performance,” said Morse. “This bill puts in statute the concept of continuous improvement and its implementation will be a collaborative effort between the legislature and the governor.”

Senator Morse’s bill will establish a committee that oversees the planning and implementation of performance measurements and process improvements across state government. Programs that meet set goals and expectations will be offered recognition and incentives. The goal will be real and specific data that measures success and failure in government, and encourages continuous improvement and efficiency in the way government operates.

“Oregonians want to see government prioritize, eliminate waste and spend money where it is most effective,” said Morse. “When there is no way to tell if taxpayer dollars are doing a good job or not, the public is justified in being skeptical of how government does business.”

Senate Bill 1039 gained widespread support in the 2007 session. The bill passed both chambers and three committees with only one vote in opposition. Senate bill 1039 was the only policy bill to be vetoed by the Governor, and the only government accountability measure to pass out of the legislature last session.