We’re closer to getting a balanced-budget amendment

by Lars Larson

Call me a crazy optimist, but I think we’re within spitting distance of actually getting a balanced-budget amendment to America’s constitution.

All this budget hoo-ha; the President holding last minute news conferences, you know, I think it’s actually going to do us some good. A lot of people don’t like all the contention, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m glad to see conservatives finally standing up and saying we’re not going to spend more. We’re not going to let you borrow more unless you agree to cut the size of this government, and we want a balanced-budget amendment.

I’d just love to be able to sit down with the President and ask him a few questions about this, but he’s not into questions. He’s the kind of guy who says “They don’t have a plan.”, after members of his party actually table the only plan that’s actually passed the House. And then he summons folks to his office and asks them to come up with a plan!

I got a plan for you Mr. President: A balanced-budget amendment!


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  • Founding Fathers

    What, nothing about your political ally in Norway?

    If it had been a Muslim, wouldn’t OC been all over it? But since it was a right-wing terrorist, OC and LL are silent.

    Of course, that would expose Lars lie that most of the terrorist acts of the last 40 years have been by Muslims. I guess he conveniently forgets Tim McVeigh, another right-wing terrorist.

    • Futbol Ref


    • Joelinpdx

      Yeah, and how about those bombings of the twin towers in NY City…or those transit bombings in London…or hanging an eight-year old boy because his father cast his fate with the wrong group of people. Oh, those were the Muslims…well, Tim McVeigh and the Norway bomber…how about them? 

      Somehow, it doesn’t really add up. In my right hand, the so-called right wing extremists. In my left hand, the most violent group of people on Earth (complete with holy books that advocate violence against those who dare not to believe as they do.) Which side is weighing me down? Clue: It isn’t my right side.

      And while we’re at it…when’s the last time you heard a TV newscaster refer to left-wing extremists? Never, of course. As we all know, extremism only exists on the right wing. 

      • valley person

        Well, the Islamists should qualify as right wing extremists as well. They are ultra religious, believe in the unerrancy of their holy book, hate modernism, hate gays, hate women’s rights, and are funded by oil wealth.  Who does that remind you of? There is nothing left wing about them other than long hair, beards, and sandals, and those were only left wing 4 decades ago.

        • valley person

          I forgot to add how hateful and untolerant the right wing is.  Unlike we on the left who accept all behaviors across the spectrum.  Maybe it’s time the right wing of this country(and the world)  is banned all together!  Only then can tolerance and love shine through! 

          • Gerald

            Valley Person, you may see yourself as tolerant across the spectrum, but you can’t speak for all Lefties.  I’ve spoken with many who see themselves as tolerant until it comes to conservative issues.  Then they’re vitriolic.  Hence the divide.  So as virtuous as you see the Left, hate and intolerance are clearly a two way street.

          • Devin

            Funny “vally person” I would call the fundamental Islamists extreme left wing.  They believe in a very large central government controlling every aspect of your life, telling you how to behave or think.  Let me show you an example of one of your socialist friends agreeing with these “Islamists” as you call them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdI0A1KLKmM

          • the real valley person

            For Gerald, you are being taken in by the fake valley person. He or she is just toying with you by making phony arguments using my .

            For Devin, the extreme left wing is irreligious, pro gay rights, pro women’s rights, non violent, and do not get a dime of oil wealth. That makes them unlike Islamic terrorists.

            The extremes of left and right seem to agree on 2 things: governments are corrupt and they both would like to impose their view of life on the rest of us.  

  • Bob Clark

    It’s hard to imagine a federal government shut down lasting much more than a day or less, if even that.  One group of folks who might not get paid early on might be air traffic controllers.  Can’t see this happening for more than a New York minute.  What’s really going on is the Dems and especially Bama want the debt limit pushed off until after the 2012 general elections while the GOPs want it to become an issue again during the 2012 elections.

    I think both sides need to give.  The Tea Party House GOPs (who have been a Godsend for fiscal prudency and causing this national discussion on rampant spending) need to give a little on the no new taxes pledge, and this is what Speaker Boehner has been offering Bama (some $800 billion in new taxes over ten years through closure of various deductions in exchange for some lower high end marginal income tax rates).  The Progressives and Bama need to allow for a lower debt limit increase.  If Bama can get a stronger economic recovery, he might not even run into a debt limit issue during next year’s election.

    I think Speaker Boehner is doing pretty good walking between Tea Partiers and Progressives including Bama.

    I think the debt limit hold up is already causing some pull back in the economy.  Folks are having to rein back spending in the last couple of weeks because of uncertainty about government payment flows.  Not Good.

    This problem has some goofy elements.  If the treasury issues IOUs ala the California model isn’t this likely to increase (in kind) debt beyond the supposed debt limit?  Could not the U.S Treasury print currency to meet payments without causing an increase in national debt?  This would seem a more legal way around the debt limit than issuing IOUs even if implicit.  I guess running the money printing presses harder is a morally corrupt way of handling government finances, but probably not anymore corrupt than the political stand off.

  • valley person

    A crazy optimist? So you are optimistic that US Government will be cut to 60% of current outlays?  That is what a balanced budget absent a tax increase would provide. Every senior would get a 40% pay cut, and every doctor a 40% fee cut for Medicare and medicaid. We could close 40% of our national parks, get by with 40% les of a military, and so forth.

    If you think the body politic would thank Republicans for this action, you are inded an optimist.

    You know, I would also love for you to have a sit down with the president. But with your ears open and mouth closed. You might learn something.

    • valley person

      One more thing, the tax cuts for the rich that Bush gave to the millionaires and billionaires have got to end.  With the poor and middle class paying more and more of the tax burden, while getting less and less of the nations wealth, we have to ask ourselves what’s fair?  It isn’t fair that state employees such as myself are being laid off in droves and can’t care for the poor as easily as we could in the past.  We need to seriously think about getting rid of corporations in this country…

      • valley person

        Whoever you are, you aren’t very original or funny. try formulating your own arguments using your own identity and see if you can get anywhere with that. Otherwise you can continue to be annoying I suppose, which in your case might be the highest level you can achieve in life. 

        • valley person

          God I love talking to myself!  I’m the smartest on this blog, what me being a state employee and all…

          • Gerald

            Valley, keep patting yourself on the back.  I’m glad you don’t need to stand in line to do it.

  • Joelinpdx

    And this just in…

    Obama’s answer to the problem…hold another press conference. If we keep this “debt crisis” going we can force Obama to actually talk to the nation more.

  • Gerald

    If the federal government would do exactly what middle American’s are doing…paying down their debt and reducing spending, business and the economy would take off running.  We could put those European socialist countries to shame with our American determination. You know what they say about people always looking for a handout? Look on the end of your own arm.

  • Founding Fathers

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