Police have to cut short Salem trio’s naked LSD trip

by Bill Post

With all of the Congressman David Wu business, with all that’s going on in Washington, D.C., with a President that is trying his best to create a whole new country, I felt that I needed to cover the most pressing issue of the day on my noon show today and that was: “Drugs are not good for you!”

That’s right, drugs. I know we all remember that TV commercial where the guy has the egg, the frying pan the whole “here’s your brain, here’s your brain on drugs” and we probably sort of laughed, some knowingly, but we got the picture.

Sunday in Salem, three “gentleman” decided that taking 10 hits each of LSD would be great fun!  I am sure at some point in their “trip” it was fun. It did not end well, though.

As they were each exploring Pluto, Uranus and perhaps even Vulcan itself, the Salem Police Department was on the way to their get-together. Upon arriving, the policemen found not one, not two, but all three men completely naked and lying or sitting in three different places.

The first man didn’t mind at all being arrested and, in fact, enjoyed regaling the police with the night’s antics.

The second man decided to at least try to grab the nearest cop’s gun belt. Bad decision, he ended up getting a nightstick to the back of the legs and then handcuffed.

It’s the third guy who takes drug use, or the “fun” of drug use to new levels. He chose to resist arrest.  Heck, he wasn’t bothered by the pepper spray in his eyes, then the taser to the chest. No, he just kept trippin’ and even after several blows to the back of his legs with nightsticks, he still wasn’t coming down from that “trip”, so the Salem Police had to hold him down long enough for a paramedic to administer a nice dose of heavy sedatives.

Yep kids, that is the wonderful world of drug use. Consider this a public service courtesy of The Bill Post Radio Show!

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  • valley person

    When has Mary Jane ever killed anyone?(That’s marijuana for you conservative types).  You Bushbots proclaim you love freedom but won’t let people dying of Breakbone Fever smoke a little pain killing pot!  These corporate fascists that work for “the man” beat these innocent kids with their night sticks like the pigs in Chicago did in ’68!   

    • A Very Funny Fellow

      LOL!  Stoners are funny!
      I am pretty sure that this story was about LSD.  I may have misread it.
      As for beating them?  You should probably be a cop for a day and then come back and tell us what it’s like.  I’ll take their word for it.  If a guy is maced, then tasered and still keeps coming at me….lucky I don’t blow his friggin head off!  Whacking his legs was getting off easy.  Dopes on Dope!

      • 3H

        You are aware, aren’t you, that this is not the real VP?  

        • just doing the math

          To bad that this site allows duplicate names to be used. Is there a
          way the editor of this site could be a little more vigilant? It really
          ruins the integrity of the comment section when someone hijacks
          your onscreen name.

          • just doing the math

            Not that most of my replies have much integrity but I’m just sayin’…

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