Rob Cornilles to announce candidacy to replace Wu

The Cornilles for Congress campaign has indicated that Rob Cornilles will announce his candidacy for Congress tomorrow, Thursday, at 10:15 am Pacific.

Rep. Shawn Lindsay (R-Hillsboro) sent out notice this afternoon that he and his family have made the decision not to run to replace David Wu. Rep. Lindsay is endorsing Rob Cornilles to replace David Wu, to represent Oregon’s First Congressional District.

UPDATE: Rob Miller, the President & CEO of Trailblazer Foods, has just announced that he won’t be running either, and he is throwing his support behind Rob Cornilles.

UPDATE: Sen. Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro) will be endorsing Rob Cornilles at tomorrow’s announcement.

The Oregonian reported today that Democrats are angry at David Wu for “dragging his feet over his official resignation.”