Who will fill Wu’s shoes?

by Dan Lucas

The continuing meltdown and revelations about Rep. David Wu and the calls for his resignation by Oregon newspapers have prompted a great deal of speculation about which Republicans might run for Oregon’s 1st congressional district (CD 1). Whether Wu steps down or not, Wu’s woes have put CD 1 more in play for Republicans.  CD 1 is a very blue district – it has been held by Democrats for the last 36 years.  If Wu doesn’t step down, the Republican candidate would face Wu or another Democrat in the November 2012 election.

In addition to Wu’s 2010 General Election opponent, Rob Cornilles, some other familiar names from the 2010 Primary are also weighing their options for a possible run: Doug Keller & John Kuzmanich. The other 2010 Primary candidate, Stephan Brodhead, recently blogged that if Wu were to resign, he (Brodhead) would support Doug Keller.

There is also a new name in the mix: State Senator Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro).


Here’s where the current list of Republican Wu shoe-fillers stand: (in alphabetical order)

Rob Cornilles: (from The Hill) “I won’t deny that I’m getting a lot of encouragement,”, “But my decision will be based on my family, certainly my business and also the way that the district is made up [after redistricting]. There’s a lot of moving parts right now.”

Rob was the Republican candidate for the 2010 General Election against David Wu, and is Founder & President of Game Face, Inc., which specializes in sports marketing.




Doug Keller: “I won’t rule anything out, but I would be surprised if our current representative stepped down, Democrats in particular, just don’t do that.”, adding “Just like last time, I will take a look at who is running and see what needs to be done.”

Doug is a retired United States Navy Commander who attended the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, served 20 years as a Naval Aviator, and is currently working towards his second master’s degree.




John Kuzmanich: “I would be someone that would consider running”, “It is still a decision that involves what’s best for my family, and if I’m the best individual to forward the principles we Conservatives hold so dear.”

John has been part of the tea party movement from the start, and is Chairman of the Oregon Tea Party.  John has experience as a business owner as well as experience in mortgage finance, real estate, economics, and job creation.




Sen. Bruce Starr: “For more than a decade, I’ve served my community in the city council and in Salem, and my family and I are seriously exploring the possibility of representing Oregon in Wahsington DC.”

Sen. Starr is a small business owner who graduated from Hillsboro High School.  He has been a Hillsboro City Councilor, a State Representative and is currently a State Senator.

UPDATE: March 18, 2011
Sen. Starr told Jeff Mapes at the Oregonian that he’s decided not to seek the CD 1 job, even if there was a resignation.