Paradox of the Statist Businessman

The January 2nd meeting of Don McIntire’s Executive Club featured a panel of state legislators talking about the upcoming February “emergency” legislative session and other matters.

When asked what’s wrong with the legislative process, State Senator Larry George talked about how many big business people come to Salem not looking to be left alone by government, but looking for protection from their competitors and special favors for themselves. He explained that the Capitol is often filled with big business people and their lobbyists seeking to gain advantage over their small business counterparts. The small business types often aren’t even in the room because they don’t have the time or resources to play the political game; they’re too busy serving their customers and meeting payrolls.

Sen. George warned that in the current political climate these big business people are playing a dangerous game, and that at some point they will find themselves on the receiving end of government’s intrusive powers. Rather than wait for that point to arrive, he hopes they will change course and stand up for the freedom of all businesses, large and small, to serve consumers on a level playing field, where government enforces contracts but doesn’t write them.

As I listened to his description of how business and government interact in Salem, I was reminded of a powerful essay by a New York businessman who sees the same dangers when business and government interact in Washington, D.C. Read it yourself and gain a better understanding of what this capitalist calls…

The Paradox of the Statist Businessman

Steve Buckstein is Senior Policy Analyst and founder of Cascade Policy Institute, a Portland-based think tank.

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  • Jerry

    These idiot politicians don’t have to listen to the businesses, so whose fault is it, really????
    What a bunch of pathetic, moronic, idiotic losers.

  • RinoWatch

    Maybe if lobbyists and legislators could only meet at the capitol in an open to the public conference room, with cameras-microphones rolling, things might change.

    Everything in the capitol is already, albeit only theoretically, public record…..

  • John Fairplay

    I believe it was Karl Marx who said, “A capitalist will sell you the rope to hang him with.” For some of these folks – like members of the City Club – I’m willing to donate the rope.


      City Club members aren’t capitalists’, they are liberal social elitists trying to disguise themselves. Just today they stated they wanted the initiative process made harder so the citizens can’t retract bad legislation. This of course is liberal-speak , what they really want is all power taken from the people and put in the hands of “Their” corrupt politicians.

  • RinoWatch

    One other thing — Larry George’s lawsuit is fine and dandy but if he loses (chances are not good in Marion Co. Circus Court), he should then do the right thing and not show up or else be considered a hypocrite….


      His nay vote could be the only thing stopping a liberal agenda. If he fails in his quest, he should show up to defend the people. Personally, I wish the GOP refused to meet en masse……that would end the session due to not having a legal qurom present. Unfortunately, they get paid and $85 a day per diem so they’ll all be there I’m sure.

      • RinoWatch

        You stop the “liberal agenda” by not showing up and going to the people with why the D’s are breaking Oregon Constitutional Law.

        Larry’s not gonna stop a damned thing by showing up!

        • CRAWDUDE

          They can only stop the liberal agenda if ALL the GOPers don’t show up. One of them not showing up does absolutely nothing to further the effort to stop an illegal assembly. Just the fact that he might get the opportunity to speak on the floor and have it written into the record that he feels its an illegal assembly is worth him showing up.

          Personally, I hope the courts back him in his efforts, we’ll see.

          • RinoWatch

            I agree with you, BUT let the OSP bring Larry into the Capitol and from there he would “get the opportunity to speak on the floor and have it written into the record that he feels its an illegal assembly”…..

            Obviously the RINO’S will show up ’cause their RINO’S…..

          • CRAWDUDE

            They only way they could force him is by order of the Governor in the effort to get a qurom. I think the GOP’ers are missing a great opportunity hold a magnifying glass over the majority Majority by showing up for this session.

            Then again, they apparently haven’t figured out that their wishy-washy ways are why they lost their majority status in the first place………..I’m not sure if they’ll ever recover, they have no cohesive discipline.

  • Jerry

    Something has to stop these morons.
    I am at my wits end with all this nonsense and bloviating about helping us out by having an illegal special session. I don’t want their help.
    They are not able to help me – all they do is hurt me.
    The buffoons.

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