Republican driver’s license proposal considered

Press release from the Senate Republicans:

A Republican proposal from the 2007 session to require stricter documentation in order to obtain an Oregon driver’s license resurfaced Friday in the Senate Transportation Committee as Legislative Counsel draft 32. The concept was originally introduced by Senator Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro) as an amendment to SB 424 last session. Starr brought the bill to the Senate floor, but it was sent to the budget writing committee on a party line vote to die.
“Last session I fought to make Oregon driver’s licenses the gold standard of identification,” said Starr. “A secure license is essential to fighting ID theft and ending the traffic of meth in our state. I’m glad we are finally moving forward on this.”

Both LC 32 and Starr’s amendment to SB 424 would require the Department of Motor Vehicles to verify both an individual’s social security number and proof of an Oregon residence before issuing a driver’s license. The proposal also says that if a document like a student visa is used to obtain a driver’s license, the license expires when the visa expires.

“We need to make sure the department is crystal clear on the need for valid documentation proving legal presence, but this draft is a great start,” said Starr. “It would have been nice if Oregonians could have counted on secure driver’s licenses last year, but late is better than never.”

Senate and House Republicans have said that driver license security is a top priority on their agenda for the February session. While an executive order from Governor Kulongoski attempted to add new restrictions to driver’s licenses, a recent legal opinion says he overstepped his constitutional limits and that legislative action is required to remedy the situation.

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  • Jerry

    This bill is a good one and should be implemented NOW.

  • Alan

    The governor “overtsepping his constitutional limits”? That can’t be.


    This bill should be passed………..any bets on whether the liberal majority will do the right thing?

  • Jerry

    I hope they keep screwing up on this and that Oregon loses all federal highway dollars and that no Oregonians can get on a plane anywhere with their OR drivers license.
    What a bunch of incompetent morons.

  • Rick Hickey

    Thank you Mr. Starr.

    VERY important in your Bill that is not in the Gov. order, Temp license for temp immigrants.

    Many of the 9-11 Terrorists had a temp visa but got a mutli year license.

    Will the other side of the aisle come up with a “special” License for Illegals as Gov. Ted wants?

    Make sure the law is secure, help get the Respect for Law Act on the Ballot – – Print, Sign & Mail it.

  • John Fairplay

    One additional aspect should be considered: If it is discovered that an illegal has obtained a drivers license after this bill becomes law, the Director of the DMV and the DMV agent who issued the license should be subject to heavy fines, say $10,000 per occurance, which must be paid for by the individual, not the agency. If we can impose them on business, we can impose them on government.

  • Jerry

    But remember, the government is us. I hope the fines would apply specifically to those people and their money, but I doubt it.

    Oregon DMV is so pathetically inept it will be hard for them to function if they actually have to do some work regarding the background checks.

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