Public unions eating crow on revenue forecast

by Dan Lucas

Back in April, public employee unions SEIU and AFSCME, along with a teacher’s union, OEA, put out a despicable and disingenuous attack ad. The attack ad targeted Republican Representative Dennis Richardson, one of three Co-Chairs of the Ways & Means Committee – the committee responsible for Oregon’s state budget. The other two co-chairs are Democrats, and were not targeted in the ad.

Rep. Richardson, along with his two Democratic Co-Chairs, had taken the very fiscally responsible stance that $460 million needed to be kept as a budget cushion (Ending Balance). One of the main reasons for the cushion was to protect school districts, teachers and state services from the jarring budget cuts that we’ve seen as a result of three years of mostly WRONG quarterly revenue forecasts.

In an attempt to coerce the legislators into spending every dime of the forecast revenue, the three public unions put out the attack ad criticizing Rep. Richardson for trying to cushion schools & state services from future wrong revenue forecasts.

The attack ad was filled with deceit. It attempted to portray the budget from a Democratic Governor (who they were major contributors to), that was being moved along by two Democratic Co-Chairs and one Republican Co-Chair, as a Republican plan. They pretended that Rep. Richardson as one of three Co-Chairs was the only chair, AND they falsely said that the then “$440 million” were “for HIS [Rep. Richardson] political priorities”.

Now those public unions are eating crow.

This week’s revenue forecast showed a $193 million General Fund decrease from last quarter’s. There are eight quarters in the current budget cycle, and already in the first of those eight, the decreased revenue forecast would take nearly half of the cushion. Had the legislature given into the public union’s attempted coercion, schools and state services would already be facing additional, painful cuts.

Representative Dennis Richardson, along with his two Democratic Co-Chairs, are looking pretty smart.

  • enough is enough

    Little empathy for public unions now having clearly demonstrated what FDR was concerned about.

    • 3H

      Well… since Conservatives obviously don’t believe or agree with everything FDR did, it should come as no shock that pro-union people don’t necessarily agree with him all the time.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    It will take some time but I truly think that public sympathy for PE unions is on the wane. The reason being they are singularly unsympathetic figures. Stunts like this only further their mercenary image.

    While I dont feel we are at the Wisconsin stage, I think we are moving closer to that rather than further away from it. In other words if anything people are probably becoming less and less  interested in making sure public employees have a cush life with their every need catered to than they were in the past.

    At some point most states will have to deal with their public employee union problem. It’s really only a matter of when.

    • 3H

      Every need catered to them?  Cush life?   You are the master of hyperbole.

  • Anonymous

    What else can we really expect from the asinine public employee unions. These clowns are at the summit of liberal think in Oregon. They don’t care where the money comes from…they just know they want it, and the they want all of it.

  • Rob DeHarpport

    Rep. Richardson and others realized how inaccurate, unpredictable and generous previous economic forecasts have been in recent years-all to everyone’s detriment. Finally the voices of common sense and reason overruled the voices of “give it all to me.” Thank you Representative Richardson! The OEA, SEIU and AFSCME all owe you an apology and thanks- (don’t hold your breath waiting for it though).

  • It’s time to push Oregon in the direction of a “Right to Work State”..  Defang and limit issues that can be negotiated at the bargaining table with ALL UNIONS..  At one time in our history, Unions did great things for workers, but that did not last long before they were taken over by Professional Socialist who used Union Power to suck the life out of Business and Consumers..  I am an Ex Oregon State Employee who knows that most of the things demanded are Perks, limit Disciplinary Actions so that lousy Employees stay attached to the State TIT… 

  • Nounionforme

    They don’t mind eating crow. The damage is already done. They are shameless thugs who care only about themselves.
    Nothing will change as long as Oregon remains a non-right-to-work state.