Republican Bob Turner wins Wiener’s NY seat in Congress

by NW Spotlight

Republican Bob Turner has won a 54%-46% upset victory over Democrat David Weprin – to replace Anthony Wiener in Congress.

The victory for pro-life and pro-marriage Turner over pro-choice, pro-gay-marriage Weprin is all the more impressive because NY-9 (Brooklyn & Queens NY) has a 3-1 Democratic voter registration. That’s a stunning +39% Democratic voter registration advantage in NY-9! By contrast, in Oregon’s upcoming OR-1 special election to replace David Wu, there’s a +12% Democratic voter registration advantage.

NY’s 9th Congressional District – registered voters:

  • 195,984 Democrats
  •   62,423 Republicans
  •   84,966 Others

Bob Turner’s victory makes him the first Republican in 91 years to be elected to represent New York’s 9th Congressional District.