Oregon GOP Platform Conundrum

by Bill Post

Last weekend, as most know, the Oregon GOP had its convention to address the party platform. I was alarmed by the headline from the Oregonian on Monday as it insinuated that there were major changes made to the platform attempting to equate civil unions to marriage.

As an Evangelical Christian first and a Republican second, I was of course concerned that someone or some group within the party was seeking to water down what I have always felt was a very well written platform.

On my show Monday I addressed this issue making very clear that I was opposed to any changes in the language. I was challenged by one of the young men quoted in the above Oregonian article. Xander Almeida called the show to let me know that: “We felt like we preserved the core of the message… we believe that marriage is between one man and one woman – we’re not trying to change that language.”

Ok, so that sounds pretty good and I was happy that no major changes were made.

Unfortunately starting Tuesday, then again on Wednesday, I started receiving calls that were contrary to that statement, delegates telling me that there were some in the party who wanted to take out ALL references defining marriage as well as remove the Pro-Life stance of the party. I started getting the feeling that I wasn’t getting the whole picture somehow.

Then I saw this on Blue Oregon this morning. The same Xander Almeida says something completely different there then he said to me on the radio:

Hi. This is Xander, the one they quoted in the paper. I understand how easy it can be to fall into cynicism in regards to the GOPs sordid history when it comes to equality involving the queer community. However, this wasn’t simply a marketing tactic. Every little step in the right direction. Had we young Republicans tried to get language within the platform that said we 100% support gay marriage, do you really think it would have passed? No. And we did try. And it didn’t pass. This was a compromise, to be sure. But keep in mind how bad the platform USED to be. It clearly stated that civil unions ought to have no legal standing or rights, it explicitly named gay marriage as terrible, and that gays were unfit for adoption and parenting. Now that was pretty bad. And now it simply affirms what the Oregon Constitution states and that’s it. I would also like to mention that the Oregon Democratic Platform also apparently makes no mention in favor or against gay marriage OR civil unions. In that regard, the two platforms say (or don’t say) essentially the same thing. All that to say this… there is a change and growing movement toward acceptance and equality within the party. This proved that. We didn’t do this for marketing. We did this because it was the right thing to move toward.

So which is the REAL story?

There was also a move to add the phrase “this is a Christian Nation” to the preamble but they were not allowed the same floor vote that the group seeking to remove the civil unions wording was allowed. Why? There are even those in the counties in the Portland area who find that this move was just fine and that in order to be more “inclusive” and even more heinous, in order to gain more voters, watering down our message is a “good thing”.

I was asked on Twitter: Question: Do you believe that Republicans should all be socially and fiscally conservative? Every one of them? My answer is: YES in every way!

I was also told on Twitter: Our party platform does not need to list every social ill. It’s meant to help elect republicans. Being anti-gay helps no one. I ask: please define “anti-gay”?.

I was also told on Twitter: I’m a social conservative. We can preserve the family without being anti-gay. I supported the change. My answer is: I have asked repeatedly to no avail, what is “anti-gay”? Would it be what drove Bob Turner to win in NY CD 09? Is he “anti-gay”? If he is, then I guess I am “anti-gay” (remember I still don’t know what “anti-gay” is) because if you can win in NEW YORK with that, then we can win in Oregon! The irony is that many of the same folks who think that Rob Cornilles is not “conservative enough” are the same people who not only accepted the platform changes but in fact encouraged it and are thrilled with the changes. What? Can you say “schizophrenic”? Rob is not only Pro-Life but Pro-Marriage just as Bob Turner is in New York. So Rob is not the “new GOP of Oregon”? I pray to God he isn’t!

Could it be that we in the GOP are willing to compromise our Christian values just to gain a small percentage of votes in Portland? Or could there be a concerted effort to take over the party by an element that is not interested in the GOP for anything other than weakening it? I am going to take heat as I already have, but that is what Christ promised would happen to his followers. I will gladly take the slings and arrows for Christ. He is the one who gave me life and liberty, not man. Everything I do and everything I have is because of Him

Late in the day yesterday I received this email from a listener:

Hi Bill,

God has given you a public platform and today you glorified Him by
standing for righteousness!! Thank you! You speak for many people as well.

Always proud of you!

Now that is what helps me get through each day knowing that the vast majority of the GOP is made up of good people like Lydia, who knows from whom we derive everything!

Let me bring this all home with this: we saw an historic victory in New York this week, a district that had a Democrat in office since 1923! On the DIRECT platform of Pro-Life and Pro-Marriage (not homosexual marriage) Bob Turner won. What will we learn from that?

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