Oregon’s Report Card on Human Trafficking

by Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance

The Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance joins in the concern expressed by Shared Hope International about weak Oregon laws regarding sex trafficking of minors.

Kevin Mannix, President of the Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance, attended the January 14 Portland press conference by former Congresswoman Linda Smith, who issued the Shared Hope International report card on Oregon’s laws regarding sex trafficking of minors.

Shared Hope International, through its Protected Innocence Initiative has evaluated Oregon’s laws and gives Oregon a “D” grade.  “I fully concur with the evaluation by Shared Hope International,” said Mannix.  “We will work with Shared Hope International and organizations throughout Oregon to urge our legislators to revamp Oregon laws on this subject, Mannix added.

“In particular, we need to toughen penalties for adults who prey on children pressed into sex and toughen penalties for those who are running such trafficking operations, said Mannix.

Many bills have been introduced for the 2011 Oregon Legislative session relating to human trafficking.  According to Mannix, “The Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance will do all it can to make sure that Oregon’s laws are modernized and that we have effective enforcement in place.  We also need to make sure we provide social services to help these child victims,” Mannix added.

The Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance’s Senior Policy Advisor, Doug Harcleroad , has 36 years’ experience, including 24 years as Lane County District Attorney.  Mannix noted that “Harcleroad will carry the ball for the Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance on this very important issue.”