New Rick Perry campaign Ad

Here is Governor Rick Perry’s new campaign ad for president.
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  • Rodney Stubbs

    Good and emotional

  • Anonymous

    Rape is considered a power issue of forcing one will upon another.  Forcing Gardasil HPV Vaccine on children is a power issue as well.  I see no difference between rape and forced Gardasil vaccines.

    • the real valley person

      Seriously? Try this. One is a violent act on a victim, the other is an act of compassion that helps save lives. 

      • Anonymous

        Gee, RVP supporting Perry. Who’d a thunk it.

    • brodhead

      Oh my word!!!! What a ridiculous argument, Rick Perry has already apologized and said he would get legislative approval in lieu of using the executive order. He has addressed that issue several times. I accept his statements on the issue.

      While Rick Perry facilitated the creation of over a million jobs, serial balanced Texas budgets, and billions in the Texas rainy day fund, Michelle Bachmann has devolved into a single issue candidate?Michelle Bachman offers us zero job cre…ation experience, zero border security experience, zero military experience, and zero deficit reduction experience. In fact, during her tenure in congress, she has facilitated over $10 trillion in national debt. Her attacks about an HPV vaccine that was focused on saving lives is just down right ill-conceived. Tell you what Michelle, I will stand with Rick Perry and his sincere work with children, and you stand with your $10 trillion worth of debt, and a negative campaign.

      • Anonymous

        Oh my word!!! What a ridiculous argument. Rick Perry tried to force Gardasil on 12-year old girls, regardless of their parents wishes. Not at all family friendly. As far as jobs are concerned…where did the jobs come from?  Oh, from government hiring. Yeah, that’s conservative.

        Michelle Bachmann may be a joke but no bigger a joke than Rick Perry.

        • the real valley person

          I’m trying to understand exactly what the conservative freakout is over this vaccination thing.

          1) It was for 12 year olds because the vaccination is not effective after sex.
          2) It had an opt out clause.
          3) We vaccinate kids for other communicable diseases. Should we drop those as well?
          4) Does government have zero interest in the health of its citizens, and how that health might impact on others?

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think there was an opt out clause. Perry wanted the law…and went around the legislature… because it helped a campaign contributor who went to work at Merck (no poem intended.) We do vaccinate people against other communicable diseases but immunization is the decision of the individual or his/her parents. I couyld care less about the encouragement of ex aspect but I do have problems with subverting the familial relationship.

          • valley person

            Mandatory vaccination laws have been used by states since 1809 when Massachusetts required smallpox vaccinations.   Every state requires vaccinations before a kid can attend public school, usually for diptherea, measles, rubella, and polio. Remember polio? Used to be a big problem. Not any more. Dang gubmint.

            There are opt out clauses for most if not all vaccinations for religious, medical, and in some cases philosophical grounds. I’m pretty sure Perry’s requirement had an opt out clause.

          • Anonymous

            Mandatory with simple opt-out provisions. As I recall you basically had to submit a one page form saying you had religious objections and that was the end of it. Now, Perry did say at last night’s debate that parents could opt their daughters out of the Texas HPV program. I’ll have to take him at his word but one of the main gripes about Perry’s HPV program was that it was a pay-off to a campaign contributor…so I’m still skeptical.

            As for polio vaccines, the shots never worked. It wasn’t until the Sabin vaccine came along and it took eating sugar cubes to get the vaccination that we overcame polio.

          • valley person

            The Salk vaccine didn’t work? Then why did reported cases of polio drop from 35,000 when it started to about 5000 4 years later? Coincidence?

            It may well be that Perry only created the vaccination program to please a contributor. He has a long history of crony capitalism, and that would be consistent. But still, the vaccination program itself would have saved lives. It is rated as 98% effective against the 2 main cancer causing HPV strains. I think the numbers are about 1500 women in Texas dying each year from preventable cervical cancer due to HPV. What happened to “pro life?”

            We share a skepticism about Perry. But in this case he probably did the right thing, even if for the wrong reasons.

          • Anonymous

             Polio may have merely reached the peak of its cycle and been on the way out, but that concept never enters the puff presentation of the medical establishment who finds certain percentages of human suffering and losses acceptable as long as they are making pay and profit. 

            What are the statistics for people, closest to those who received the polio vaccine, coming down with polio? 

            Mandatory vaccines are not acceptable until the medical industry cleans up itself.  When the corruption is cleaned out of institutions, then maybe truth can be found.  Until then, beliefs are not to be mandated, especially when the medical establishment itself is divided on the validity of vaccines. 

            It’s not governments job to tell people what to do; the governments job is to serve the public, not the public to use the government as hired guns to enforce dodgy belief systems and destroy children.

          • valley person

            Yes, it could have been a total coincidence that cases of polio dropped dramatically in the years right after vaccinations started. 

            Sometimes government best serves the public by telling people what to do. Like drive within the speed limit, don’t dump your toxic waste in a stream, and get your kids vaccinated if you want them in a public school.

          • Anonymous

            Government has become all about assuming power and forcing your self, beliefs and ideas on other people while using hired guns to do it so you can remain safe and smug in your concept that other people need to submit to your desires.  Governments have become accustomed to corruption, fraud and spineless behaviors and gather their forces to protect the status quo.  That’s why they are soooo good at environmental destruction, humanity destruction and killing people.

            Governments are public servants not masters and should receive remedial training when they step out of bounds.

          • Oedipus Rex

            You are an imbecile.  I’ll bet you’re also a 911 truther.

          • Anonymous

            When they come out with the equivalent of the HPV Vaccine that destroy male children in a comparable way that they have destroyed females, then we’ll see who finds that unacceptable.

          • 3H

            ???   Women have been destroyed by the HPV Vaccine?

          • valley person

            Their lives are less fulfilled absent cancer I guess. 

          • Anonymous

            Apparently, you are too lazy to do your own research, but can dredge up enough energy to post a comment to display your dull-witted ignorance and brutishness.

            “Gardasil, on the other hand, can damage your immune system, and can
            potentially lead to death. The main causes of death include blood clots,
            acute respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, and “sudden death” due to
            “unknown causes” shortly after receiving the vaccine. Again, 11 of the
            reported deaths occurred within 2 weeks of vaccination, and 7 within 2
            days, so whatever the mechanism that induces death, it’s quick and

            Other side effects include:

            * Miscarriages and spontaneous abortion
            * Genital wart outbreak, even in patients who had tested negative for HPV and genital warts prior to vaccination
            * Facial warts and warts on hands and feet
            * Anaphylactic shock
            * Loss of consciousness
            * Grand mal seizures
            * Coma
            * Paralysis”

          • valley person

            Yes, how did I miss the opinion of one doctor posting on “Zimbio?” Obviously this negates the CDC’s official opinion on the subject. 

            “Based on all of the information we have today, CDC recommends HPV
            vaccination for the prevention of most types of cervical cancer. As with
            all approved vaccines, CDC and FDA will continue to closely monitor the
            safety of HPV vaccines. Any problems detected with these vaccines will
            be reported to health officials, healthcare providers, and the public
            and needed action will be taken to ensure the public’s health and


      • Anonymous

        Obviously, you have never personally experienced rape or decimation to your well being from vaccinations, nor apparently had any of your loved ones destroyed by rape or vaccinations. 

        Merck contributed what, $250,000 to Perry’s campaign–paid for violation of lives?  There is no compassion in butt buttering between campaign donations and abuse of power to legislate death and destruction of people’s lives.  The lab’s that create vaccines are filthy and the vaccines are contaminated with filth and destructive forces.  Enjoy the lies while children are cruelly sacrificed by “compassion”.   

        Something’s can’t be apologized for.  There is no compassion involved, just BS and brute force.

  • Anonymous

    Good shot at Obozo…that’s President Zero…but Romney is a better choice.

    • brodhead

      As always, your positive demeanor, nourishing behavior, and endearing qualities are gaining  audience!!!

      I am voting for Rick Perry !!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Now there’s a big surprise. What are you going to do if Palin gets in…although I suspect you are sexist enough to oppose Palin because she is a woman.

      • Anonymous

        Well brodhead, Rick Perry blew another debate. Obama will wipe the floor with Perry if the GOP is dumb enough to give him the nomination. Perry kept trying to attack Mitt Romney but couldn’t even get his attacks straight. Yeah, that perry…he’s a real winner.

  • Gardisil, the border and his moronic support of in-state tuition for illegal aliens kills the deal for me.

  • Momwhocares

    THERE WAS A OPT OUT CLAUSE! SO…parents could OPT OUT…What’s the BIG deal??

    • Anonymous

      If some human beings hadn’t stopped him, he would have sacrificed the children to his campaign donations. 

      People who don’t use their minds to think critically and carefully have allowed our government to become the hog wallow that it is.

      • valley person

        People who don’t use their minds critically get their information from places like Zimbio. 

  • patriotonwatch

    Voting for the R who gets through the Primary! Better than that broke owebama any DAY! NOBAMA 2012!

  • conservatively speaking

    NoBama.  Period!  BHO is unequivocally worse than Carter.

    Indeed, will support the GOP ticket come Nov 6, 2012. 

    Yes, I’d hope, with Georgia on my mind, for a Gingrich/Cain team but won’t hold my breath considering all the oofy PAC’d swag trucked in from both sides of a political aisle that’s brain dead set against ’em – that, despite their collective commoner sense being succinctly better for our sovereign state of affairs, economy and Constitution.       

    • 3H

      Please, yes, Gingrich and Cain.  I want to see Gingrich talk about family values and Cain, well, to just say something goofy.

      • guest

        You, 3H, seemingly a Michael Mooreon!

  • Brodhead

    I had the full series of anthrax shots. Now when I pass a fire hydrant I have the urge to do a Tarzan yell and lift a leg!!!!

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