Rick Perry: The Man for the Times, the Man for Oregon?

Just in case you missed Governor Perry’s presidential announcement speech, we’ve bullet-pointed the highlights (full text here) and embedded the video below.

First, check out Perry’s first campaign video:

And here are his announcement highlights:

  • We reject this President’s unbridled fixation on taking more money out of the wallets of American families and employers and giving it to a central government.
  • We stand up and proudly proclaim that Washington is not our caretaker and we reject the state that takes too much from us in order to do too much for us.
  • The tax and spend and borrow agenda of this President led to the first ever downgrade of the credit rating of the US. But, this is just the most recent downgrade. For nearly three years President Obama has been downgrading American jobs . . . our standing in the world . . . our financial stability . . . our confidence, and the hope for a better future for our children.
  • The change we seek will never emanate out of D.C. It will come from the windswept prairies of Middle America, the farms and factories across this great land, from the hearts and minds of the goodhearted Americans who will accept not a future that is less than our past, patriots – patriots who will not be consigned to a fate of less freedom in exchange for more government.
  • I’ll promise you this: I’ll work every day to make Washington, D.C. as inconsequential in your life as I can.

If you want to watch the whole speech, we’ve got it here:

Of particular interest for Oregonians is a group of Perry supporters on Facebook, Oregon for Rick Perry. The group has over 30 fans, including Oregon State Senator Bruce Starr.

Perry has been a Captain in the US Air Force, a State Legislator, the Texas Agricultural Commissioner, the Texas Lieutenant Governor, and Governor for Texas for close to eleven years. Is his next stop DC?